8 Fun Things to do with Kids on New Year's Eve

With New Year's Eve just around the corner, it's time to start making plans. Most people with kiddos will ring in the New Year with their kiddos. Which, if you plan a few activities ahead of time, is actually the best! If you will be spending the last night of 2016 with littles, keep reading to see my favorite family activities for NYE.


6 Christmas Games to Play at Home

Before school let out, I got to help plan my daughter's 5th grade Holiday Party. The party included a snack, craft and some fun games. Although the event was for 10 year olds, the activities are perfect for doing at home with your family (young and old!) Planned games and activities are a great way to get your family excited about hanging out together. Fun is good for all ages! Keep reading for 6 Christmas Games to play at home this holiday season.


What to Give Someone, Who Has Everything

When it comes to "Christmas Wish Lists" my daughters and I are professionals. We have no shortage of  'wishes'. We love gifts. And not only do we love getting gifts-- we really love giving them. This season we have enjoyed shopping for just the right things for our favorite people. Finding the perfect gift takes thought, time and caring. Most people in our family are easy to shop for... with the exception of my husband.


Easy Christmas Tree Brownies

Everyone decorates sugar cookies for Christmas. Want to change things up and do something different? Try these! Bake up a batch of brownies and turn them into adorable little Christmas trees.


DIY Rosette Headband

Today I am so excited to share with you my favorite hair accessory project- DIY Rosette Headbands! I have been making these headbands for years- I used to sell them to boutiques all across the country. Today, I will share all my best tips and secrets for making this adorable headband. This is the first time I have ever shared 'the how-to' for this perfect 'boutique accessory'. It makes a great gift for girls (and women) of all ages. Now let's get started!


DIY BIG Christmas Hair Bow

Hello! Today I am excited to show you how to make a Big Christmas Hair Bow. This bow can be worn by girls of every age and it would be fun hair accessory for a themed 'ugly sweater' Christmas party too! I have been making bows like this for years, and today I want to share 'my secret bow making tutorial' with you :)


Christmas Party Ideas for Kids (Games, Crafts & More)

Tis the season for parties! School parties, work parties, neighborhood parties. This time of year, everyone wants to celebrate together. I hosted my daughter's holiday cheer party over the weekend and it was so fun. Her team is made up of fourteen of the sweetest tween girls.  If you are getting ready to host a party for the holidays, keep reading for lots of ideas to make any holiday party a success! 


Santa Pancakes for Christmas Breakfast

Who wouldn't want to wake up to this cute Christmas breakfast?! Fluffy pancakes topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. I love to make special treats during Christmas break. Those two weeks when my girls are home from school are the best. Our mornings are slower, we listen to Christmas music and snuggle in jammies by the fire. The glow of our Christmas tree seems to warm the entire house. And making these Santa Pancakes is a treat- not only to eat... but to make!

Break out your apron and keep reading below for the recipe.


Preparing for Thanksgiving

We have been doing our best to prepare for Thanksgiving.


Hiking in Vail, Colorado

My husband recently turned the big "4-0". Since he is figuratively going over the hill, he decided he literally wanted to go over one too! So he booked a long weekend in Vail, Colorado for the two of us. No kids. Just a weekend for us to celebrate his birthday and to do as much hiking as we could. Because there is nothing like reaching a milestone birthday that makes you want to push your physical limits just a bit :) 


Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Cookies

I recently attended a teaching conference and the speaker emphasized the importance of traditions. She explained that traditions help us feel like we belong and that we are loved. A tradition can be something done in a classroom or it can be something done at home. Holiday traditions that are repeated year after year, give us something to look forward to. Holiday traditions build a sense of family and help create lasting memories.

I share all of this because my oldest recently surprised me with her understanding of our family traditions. I was asking her about Thanksgiving and she said 'Well... for Thanksgiving- we always go to Mimi's and we always make Pilgrim Hat Cookies'. This made me laugh because although I do like making edible crafts with my girls around holiday times, I never considered these fun little cookies to be a 'family tradition'.

But to my girls, they are! These cookies are not just cute and sweet. They are a symbol of our family and our love for each other. And because of that, we will be making these every November! Keep reading for the recipe and ideas for creating your own Thanksgiving traditions. (See our peanut free pilgrim hat cookies here  & the no-bake version here and another one here.)


DIY Tea Party for Girls

More than anything, my youngest daughter wanted to have her birthday party at home this year. And she wanted it to be a tea party. Parties at home can be tricky. Lots of cleaning, setting up, etc. So honestly, I tried to change her mind :) I offered up a big party, with as many friends as she wanted, at one of those trampoline parks. But she was set on the idea of little fancy tea party. And since I can't say no to my girl or the chance to throw a fancy party, I began to plan.... and now I am SO happy that she didn't choose that trampoline park after all!


5 Things You Need to Know About Home Improvement

We bought our house 9 years ago. Over the course of that time, we have spent a lot of time and money making improvements to our investment. Looking back, we have learned a lot! Today, I thought it would fun to compile some of our most popular home improvement projects into one post and share what we have learned along the way. Whether you are a current homeowner, or looking to make a purchase in the future- keep reading for tips to prepare for your next home improvement project.


Christmas Tote Bag

You know I love a good tote bag. I could make a new one for each season! Which is pretty much what intend to do :) I decided to change up my usual design, but still keep it easy and fun. (Because that is how DIY should be!) And yes, I know that we haven't even hit Thanksgiving, but the early bird catches the worm. Make this cute Christmas tote bag now and you can carry it all December. It's perfect for "toting" gifts and goodies to parties. And if you start now, you can make an extra one to give as a present.


"Not So Spooky Spiders" Halloween Cookies

It's getting closer to Halloween, which means it's time to do all those fun Fall things. We visited the pumpkins at the Dallas Arboretum, ran through the corn maze at Hall's Pumpkin Farm, picked out costumes, and today we baked!


How to Turn Your Instagram Followers into Blog Readers

My favorite social media by far is Instagram. I love that it is just little squares. I love that people comment and communicate more on Instagram because it feels like a little community. I love that one photo can sum up an entire moment.

But there is one thing that I do not like about Instagram, and that is you cannot add 'click-able' links in the captions! I can't even count the number of times I have seen a product or a blog post that I want to know more about, but I can't find a direct link to it via Instagram. And usually by the time I would think about 'googling it'-- I would get distracted and forget. If you are a blogger, a website owner, if you run an Etsy shop, or have your business on Instagram, you have probably thought the same thing. Luckily, there is finally a solution to the problem.

photo source: https://pixabay.com/
To find out how to turn your Instagram followers into your blog readers and customers, keep reading!


DIY Halloween T-shirt for Kids

I couldn't find any Halloween shirts I liked for the girls this year, so I decided to make my own! What's better than a homemade Halloween t-shirt? (chocolate candy?!) Really, these shirts are pretty awesome. Inexpensive, no-sewing required, quick & easy. You need to try this. Keep reading below to see how to make one for your little 'pumpkins':)


Trick or Treat Yo'Self (Free Printable Gift Tags)

I'm on a roll with Halloween puns this year! I made the "I'm Here for the Boo's" gift tags last week and now I have something for the kiddos (or you can give them to adults too!) How cute are these "Trick or Treat Yo' Self" tags? Put them on a gift, a candy bar, or favorite drink... and ta-da! Halloween Happiness!


I'm Here for the Boo's (Free Printable)

I am so glad I got my Halloween decor all up (click here to see it!) , now I have time to start on a few simple "crafty Halloween projects". This one is pretty much a "b-u-y" rather than a "d-i-y"... but it makes a great hostess gift. And if your schedule is anything like mine right now, a fast, cute craft is just what we need! Whether you are heading to a Halloween party, or just over to a friend's house during the month of October,  this fun "I'm Here for the Boo's" gift will be hit.


7 Tips for Modern Halloween Decor

Last week one pumpkin "popped up" in my house, so it only seemed fitting to break out the rest of the Halloween decorations. Halloween decor can be a bit tricky. I never want my house to look like it belongs to Morticia Adams but I also don't want it to feel like an elementary school classroom in October. So in between gothic and cutesy-- I think I found my "Halloween style". Let's call it "Modern Halloween Decor".

So how do you 'get the "Modern Halloween" look? Here are my tips!


Fall Home Decor: Pumpkin Floral Arrangements

Oh friends, if you are anywhere in the South, you know that Summer is not ready to give up. According to the calendar, Fall is knocking on the door. But Summer is being stubborn. Summer doesn't want to end. Summer just refuses to answer that door. So, here in Texas, we have to help Fall along. I admit, I am currently wearing a tank top with jean shorts and planning on watching my girls swim in our pool after school. But the calendar says September!!!- so I am ignoring what is happening outside and creating my own Fall inside. I am ushering in Fall the best way I know how... with pumpkins.


TX Pinners Conference 2016

Last week was so busy, but so fun. I attended and taught classes at the Texas Pinners Conference in Arlington. I was approached by my blog friend, Kristen Duke, a long time ago about presenting at the TX Pinners Conference. When I agreed to do it, I really had no idea how big it would really be! I was asked to present two classes, the first one-- a craft from my blog. And the second one-- a craft project for IKEA. (Yes-- that IKEA!!!) I was hesitant, nervous, apprehensive and all the feelings that come when you take your passion and put it on a stage for 100+ to see. But you know what? It all turned out great!


"Outer Space Art" inspired by Creative Galaxy

Today I am sharing a craft that is 'out of this world' :) Ya'll know that one of favorite things to do with my kids is get crafty. Whether we are in the kitchen making a fun snack or breaking out the paints in the craft room-- I really enjoy being creative with my kids. It seems to bring out the best in all of us. And to be honest, sometimes playing with kids (whether its dolls, legos, "pretend" etc) is kind of hard! Which is why being creative together is so great. Artistic and creative projects allow you to spend quality time with your children and keep both of your minds stimulated :) 


TX Pinners Conference

I am always looking for something fun to do my girl friends- a special event or activity that gives a great excuse for a Girls Outing. A movie premier, a birthday dinner, shopping. I love getting time with friends. Which is why I am really excited about the TX Pinners Conference in September. It is a two day conference full of 'pinteresting' activities and speakers. Everything from home decor to fashion, cooking to make-up, fitness to crafts. This Conference has it all! And it is the perfect excuse for you to get your girl friends together for some fun.


Back to School Feast

So I mentioned that there were a few things that I really wanted to do before my girls went back to school. (See this post for all 5 ideas). And I am excited to say that I got one of the big ones done! I love, love, love the idea of a "Back to School Feast"- so I decided to do it!


Top 5 Back to School Ideas

I have about a million projects, crafts, snacks etc. that I would love to do for my girls before school starts. But you know-- that's just not going to happen. So I have narrowed down all the pins, saved links, and dog-eared magazine pages to these "Top 5 Back to School Ideas". (And I am giving myself grace, if I only get to one... well that's ok!)


Happy First Day of School

Some people have already headed back to school, others aren't going back until after Labor Day. And here in Texas, we start on August 22nd. Which means we have less than a week. Eeek! Our summer has been so fun, busy, relaxing, crazy, and really hot. But I am ready to get back into our routine and start all of our fun fall activities. My girls will be in 1st and 5th grade this year. They can't wait to meet their new teachers and see who is in their class. I am excited for them! The First Day of School is a big deal. So I made a little "Happy First Day of School" gift to give to their teachers. 


DIY Crepe Paper Tassel Garland

Tassels have kind of taken over Pinterest and the craft world. I have at least 4 tassels necklaces (3 that I made myself!), one tassel bracelet, and several tassels that are literally hanging around the house on pillows and such. I thought that I had enough tassels in my life. But honestly... can you ever have enough tassels?? No. No. You cannot. So when I was prepping for my daughter's cheer camp decor (see this post) I decided to try making Crepe Paper Tassel Garland.


Teach Your Kids to Sew

My girls are always asking for a craft. This time, my ten-year old really wanted to do a sewing craft. If you ever wanted to sew with your kids, this is the craft for you! Sewing is a good life-skill- it teaches patience, eye-hand coordination, and someday it will come in handy! (trust me!) So I took the girls to Hobby Lobby and bought two inexpensive embroidery hoops, a bit of fabric, needles, and embroidery floss.


Why We Went Back to Cinnamon Shore!

The day that school let out, we packed up our car and drove back down to Cinnamon Shore. Why?? Because it is the best beach in Texas and only 6.5  hours from our house. The property is adorable and the activities are fun.


DIY Fabric Bunting: Sweet Tea Challenge

Want to know a secret? I have always thought it would be fun to be on a reality show. You know, one of those "Craft Challenge" shows where the participants are given certain materials and then have a limited amount of time to create something amazing. I don't even know if such a show exists anymore- but if you hear about a "Project Runway" style show for crafters... let me know! Until then, I have found the next best thing. A Craft Challenge via the blog world. No fancy television cameras, but there are some fierce competitors and voting involved.

This Craft Challenge- named the "Sweet Tea Challenge"is hosted by KariAnne at Thistlewood. The goal of the competition is to create something fun with the fabric charm packs we got at Jemma's recent blog party. And like I said, I am always up for a crafty challenge.


Luau Party - DIY Decorations

My girl and I are heading to cheer camp soon. The camp is three days long and hosted at a local hotel. The girls will work on skills, stunts, team-building and have lots of fun. And I get to go along as a chaperone! One of the 'unofficial jobs' of a cheer camp chaperone is to decorate the room. Which as you know-- is right up my alley! The theme we chose is "Tropical"-- so think of a luau with a tiki hut, palm trees, and lots of pineapples.


Family Road Trip to Austin

In March, we took our girls on a road trip to Austin, Texas. It's not a long drive from the DFW area, so it was the perfect get-away. Road trips in Texas are one of my favorite ways to spend a vacation. This state has so much to offer and people in Texas really are the nicest :) So we were excited to explore Austin and experience all it had to offer.


What's Really Inside a POPSUGAR MustHave Box

For over a year, I have been a member of the POPSUGAR Select blogging team. POPSUGAR Select is a network featuring some of the best fashion, beauty, fitness, food, living, and mom bloggers. It's been a fun way to connect with other bloggers and share my projects. Plus it has brought some really cool opportunities my way. One of them is the chance to review products every now and then. Getting awesome goodies in a box for free = happy blogger!

(See that photo above? That's not really me. But I DID feel that chic as I was carrying my POPSUGAR box into my house. Where is a professional stylist & photographer when you need one?!)

Here is my attempt at that look. Like my sweaty hair and workout clothes? I bet you can relate. And since we are friends here... let's just keep it real :) 


Pool Party Cupcakes

Got a pool party on your calendar? Then you need to make these! It's always fun to be the person who brings the 'cute Pinterest-y' dessert to a party. These Pool Party Cupcakes will delight the kids-- and maybe even impress some of the adults :)


Father's Day Photo Gift

Every year, my girls like to make a photo gift for Father's Day. It started awhile back, when we got creative and made a chalk photo for my husband. Since then, we have continued the tradition. And this year, the girls picked a 'beach' theme for our chalk art.


How to Wear Pink

Pink is now my favorite color. All shades of pink- from rose gold, to hot pink, to fuchsia, and even a pale cotton candy pink. It can be feminine, flirty, classic, and fun. A hint of pink is warm, just like a sunset. And since I love to share a good 'find'... Here are my tips for "Wearing Pink" this summer.


Easy DIY Photo Magnets

I read an article recently about the importance of having printed family photos in your home. When kids see photos of their family displayed at home, it gives them a sense of belonging. It gives them a visual of the past, a visual of the present, and the ability to imagine the future. Having photos on your social media pages or your phone is not the same! We need actual hard copy prints of our photos for our kids. We need them to see the story of us.


DIY Graduation Gift: College Hashtag Tote Bag

Where did May go??! The last few weeks of school have flown by. So many fun projects-- I got to help host a "Glow Dance Party" for our entire school, chaperoned a class over-night trip (which included some fun campy crafts!), watched my little perform in her ballet recital, and celebrated my birthday. Phew! I hope to get some of those fun projects over here on the blog soon. Today I am sharing a fun idea that can be used as DIY Graduation Gift or an end of year gift for your favorite teacher. It's pretty much my favorite "DIY Gift" because it is so easy to make!

The College Hashtag bag is a fun twist on a project I have shared here. All you need to make your hashtag bag is a canvas tote bag, craft paint, and iron-on letters.


Mother's Day Printable: From Your Favorite Child

If you are a mom, then you know, despite what anyone says-- you have a favorite child. You are not 'supposed' to have a favorite child. But you and I both know the truth.


Sweet Candy Themed Teacher Appreciation Week

Our "So Sweet to be Taught By You" Staff Appreciation was a hit with both the kids and teachers. Here is a look at what I planned for the week. None of this would have possible without lots and lots of helping hands. (I did not do any of this alone!) Teachers/staff are the people who love and care for our kids all day. They deserve to be thanked. I hope they felt extra appreciated this week! 


Teacher Appreciation Door Ideas

Our school is celebrating Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week right now. And as the Hospitality Chair for our PTA, it's a big week for me! I have had so much fun planning for this event. I chose the theme "So Sweet to be Taught By You". (Think candy, sweets, treats and more!) To kick off the week, some of our crafty Homeroom Moms gathered after school on Friday to decorate their teacher's door. They all turned out so cute, I thought it would be fun to share them with you today.

I will do a seperate post with the full details of our 
Candy Themed Teacher Appreciation Week soon :) 
But until then, here is some sweet inspiration for decorating your teacher's door. 


Make A Newspaper Hat for Earth Day

Our elementary school has lots of fun traditions. One of our favorite, is the annual "Earth Day Hat Contest". During the Week of Earth Day, kids are invited to make a hat at home using recycled materials. Then they wear it to school and two winners (one boy and one girl) are chosen for each class. The assignment gets kids to 'think outside the box' and use lots of creativity.


Crawfish Dessert

It's Crawfish season again! And once again, I refuse to eat them. But that doesn't mean I don't like a good crawfish boil. Whenever we go to one, I like to make my 'famous crawfish cakes'. They are the perfect dessert for any festive crawfish boil.


Unique Ideas for Mother's Day

Our Moms have done so much for us, it's only right that we get a day each year to celebrate them! But what can you give your Mom to show her how much you care? I did a little 'pre-shopping' for some things that Moms of all ages will adore. Lots of different price points and styles. Click on over to eBay to see my latest guide, "What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day".

Unique Mother's Day Gifts
Click here to see my eBay guide with tons of ideas for Mother's Day Gift. 
And if you are a Mom, leave a comment below of what item on my list you would love to receive for Mother's Day!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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DIY Poodle Skirt

My mom made me a poodle skirt when I was in middle school. I remember feeling so proud that she took the time to sew it for me. I loved that skirt.

So when a friend invited my girls to her party and mentioned that they "could" wear a poodle skirt, if they had one---well I knew it was time to continue the poodle skirt tradition.

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