DIY Crawfish Cakes

We lived in South Louisiana for a little over 4 years. And in all that time, I never developed a taste for crawfish or even seafood. Things that swim under the water just don't appeal to my tummy. My husband has tried everything to convince me otherwise. He has raved about the taste, the health benefits etc. But nothing will change my my mind about eating seafood.

Now that we live in Texas, my husband still manages to get his 'seafood fix'. My friend Kim hosts an a Crawfish Boil each spring. And I am happy to attend, knowing that there will be plenty of 'non-fishy' sides for me to enjoy. All the guests bring a dish to share and there is always a big spread of dips, appetizers, chips, and other munchies. So I decided to make a dessert. I have had this "Crawfish Cakes" photo made by Living Locurto pinned on my Pinterest board for over year. And this party was the perfect excuse to finally make them!!!

Found Here
You can see a video tutorial of how Living Locurto makes her cakes using store-bought lady fingers. I searched for lady fingers and little pre-made cakes at Target, but couldn't find anything. So I had to modify her tutorial a bit. Below is how I made my own version of "Crawfish Cakes".

Crawfish Cakes 
-Red Velvet Cake Mix (use 3 eggs so your cake will be dense and easy to cut.)
-Icing (I added red food coloring to my icing, or you can buy it already colored.)
-Wilton Candy Eyes
-Icing bag with tip
-Sprinkles or large granulated sugar

1. Using a box mix, I baked a big red velvet sheet cake. Then after letting it cool (it has to cool completely!) I flipped the cake onto a cutting board.

2. Using a serrated bread knife, I sliced the cake into small rectangles, approximately 2 inches wide and 3.5 inches long. Then I rounded the corners of each little rectangle.

3. With kitchen scissors, cut each twizzler in half and snip the ends to make a 'claw'.

4.  Cut open each little cake like a sandwich. I piped icing on the inside of each cake, laid two twizzler claws on top of the icing, added more icing on top of the twizzlers and then closed the cake sandwich.

5. Finally I piped icing on the top, added large granulated sugar and two eyes.

I did have extra cake left, so I cut those into cubes and added a little icing and sugar. These made cute bite sized cakes.

The party was a blast and the Crawfish Cakes were a hit. I can say for sure these Crawfish Cakes are the ONLY kind of crawfish I will ever eat!

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