About Crafty Texas Girls

Welcome to Crafty Texas Girls!

I am Samantha Conner.

 I started this blog in 2009 to share my creations. This blog has become the place where I chronicle my journey in homemaking, crafting, decor and all things DIY. I am dedicated to creating a beautiful, loving home for my husband and children. And to me that means a lot of 'crafty fun' how-to projects along the way.

Crafty Texas Girls started before 'blogs were cool' :) . Kind of a long and winding story... but I guess that is how most stories begin. My husband and I were living in New Orleans when we had our first daughter. She was extremely premature so I quit teaching and decided to stay home with my itty bitty baby. During nap time I began making bows, learning to sew, and started playing around with the power of hot glue. My husband's job then brought us home to North Texas and I couldn't have been happier. My love of crafting and creating followed me back to DFW and the craft fair bug bit me again.

I met a new friend, Jennifer, and we did a few craft shows together- we called ourselves the "Crafty Texas Girls". After awhile she turned her attention to painting and interior design, but I couldn't shake my love of crafting.

I decided to keep the name "Crafty Texas Girls" because I figured it still fit- describing what my daughter and I now love to do together. I have always loved to write, so this site was a natural fit.

Since then, my blog has grown and grown. More and more women find themselves in my honest story of balancing motherhood, creativity, and pursuing a dream. The blog has taken on a life of its own. I find myself dabbling in home decor, interior design, baking, and of course- more crafts than I ever thought I could create.

These days I am keeping up with my 2 girls and enjoying life as a stay at home mom. Their enthusiasm and wonder is what drives my creativity in home decor, make-and-take projects, holiday fun, and all things girly. I feel drawn to the idea of making our home warm, beautiful and comfortable. I work on my blog at nap time and in the evenings. There is something therapeutic about writing and creating. And I have been surprised at all the friends I have made along the way.

I have now gotten away from craft shows, but I am still creating every day. Whether it is for my girls, my home, or gifts for friends and family.

I have dabbled in designing hair accessories and clothing for girls of all ages and was blessed to find customers, catalogs and boutiques all over the country to buy them. Although that part of my business has come to end, my creativity and passion for making beautiful things is still going strong.

I am not yet sure what the future holds for Crafty Texas Girls. I hope to continue writing, decorating, creating and sharing my creations. At the end of the day, I am so inspired by other bloggers and the mompreneurs that I have met over the past few years. I am excited to see where my crafty adventures will take me!

 I hope you enjoy sharing in our journey and that I can inspire you to 'get crafty' in your home!
:) Samantha
Crafty Texas Girls
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