7 Quarantine Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Since our kids are all learning from home, Teacher Appreciation Week is going to look a little different this year. But like everything else that has changed- birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc- the heart of the event has stayed the same. We all love our teachers (maybe even more now that we have taken on some of their duties!) and we want to show them how much we appreciate them. If you are stumped on how to do this from a distance, you have come to the right place. I have lots of ideas to show your teachers how much you appreciate them, even from 6 feet away.

1. Favorite's Basket
Do you have a 'favorites list' for you a teacher? Many school PTA's have their teachers fill them out at the beginning of the year. This is an example of one that I really like.

Favorite's Basket: Make a fun basket filled with your teacher's favorite drink, snacks, and gift cards. You can team up with other parents to put it together or do it alone. I used a large brown paper bag and filled it with treats, a bottle of antibacterial hand-soap, and a gift card. Then I added tissue paper and a cute name tag. I reached out to our teachers via email and told them we would be doing a porch 'drop off'. They were all so excited. They even came out to say 'hi'- from 6 feet away of course- and pose for a picture. Our teachers all miss their students so much, I think that the visit itself was just as meaningful as the gift.

2. Flowers or Gift Delivery
Order flowers, cookies, or another special treat for your teacher online and have it delivered during the week. Everyone loves to get a special delivery and local businesses can use your support right now. Some of my favorite delivery places are:
-Tiff's Treats
-Shari's Berries
-PostMates (this is a great service that utilizes local businesses for your delivery)


3. Drive-By Parade

The best gift is often seeing a smiling face. Similar to the 'birthday parade' idea - get some classmates together to do a 'teacher appreciation drive-by parade'. Set up a time to meet near your teacher's house. Be sure your teacher will be home and can come outdoors to wave to the kids. The parents can decorate their cars with balloons, bunting, and signs. Drive by and wave to your teacher. They will be so happy to see their kids again!

4. Surprise them on Zoom or WebXIf your class has a virtual weekly meeting, organize a fun surprise for your teacher. One idea is having each kid draw a flower before the meeting and then during the WebX, the entire class can hold up their flower picture/drawing. It's a virtual way to send your teacher a big bouquet of flowers. Or have all the kids wear their teacher's favorite color to the class meeting. Seeing all the kids dressed in their favorite hue will be sure to put a smile on her face. Any small gesture, done with big love, is all that is needed to show your teacher you appreciate her/him.

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5. Write a letter
In the digital age of emails, a handwritten letter is so meaningful. Have your child write about their favorite memory from the school year or describe the most interesting thing they learned from their teacher. The simple act of taking the time to write a letter is so thoughtful and it gives your child a chance to practice handwriting, letter writing, and how to properly address an envelope. Win-win!


6. Send a Video 
Record a video of your child telling your teacher how much they mean to them. You can get everyone in the class to do it and compile it into one special 'movie'. The app Vid Hug makes this SO easy. Each person records a short video and they are all put together for you. No technical skills needed!

7. Electronic Gift Cards

If you can't make it out to shop for gifts, keep it simple by sending your teacher a gift card through email. Most major stores and companies are offering this option. Your teacher will be able to enjoy online shopping or "to-go dining" with your gift.
Our teachers' favorite gift cards are :
-Home Goods
-Home Depot
-Mexican Restaurants (hey it's Texas!)

Teachers are happiest when they are with their students. Teaching is a calling and these professionals did not choose this career to send electronic assignments to kids via Google Classroom. They love the daily interaction with their students. They are missing our kids because during the school year, your child is 'their kid' too. So, whether you plan something big or little, be sure to take a minute this week and say 'thank you'. Those simple words are all they really need to hear right now.

PS. We are all doing our best to juggle lots of things right now. Work, homeschool, chores, family, it's a never-ending list.  If the idea of organizing teacher gifts is stressing you out and it seems impossible to put something together for the 'official Teacher Appreciation Week'... give yourself some grace. These ideas for a fun "End of School Year" gift at the end of the month too.  

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