Cash for Brass?

These extreme temperatures must be getting to us. Because within the last 24 hours we have ripped up tile, replaced door knobs, and painted another door black. Sounds like a relaxing weekend huh?

The whole thing started with the tile in the downstairs bathroom. It wasn't working with the rest of our decor. And it hadn't really bothered me until a few weeks ago. Then Jeff said he had always wanted to try to door flooring himself. So he went into the bathroom and whacked the tile with a sledgehammer.

 Which led to this...

Soon the toilet was in the garage and the mirror was in the garbage can.

 Now I am scouring my favorite blogs and pinterest for bathroom ideas.

Then those brass knobs suddenly seemed tooooooo yellow.

A few of our knobs were already brushed nickel.

And the inconsistency was more than I could take!  So when a friend told me about Seconds and Surplus, we decided to swing by after church.

Which led to this...

Now what to do with all the old brass knobs? I wish it was like that 'cash for gold' deal. Unless you have a great idea, I think they are bound for Goodwill.

 Some of our 'doors to the outside'- the ones that are fitted with actual keyed locks- are going to be a problem. They require a lock smith to change them out and I am not wanting to spend the money on new keys etc.

 So I am conducting a little experiment with "Rub and Buff". I have put one coat on the door knob to the attic upstairs. If it dries well, then I will repeat it on the doors downstairs. Have you ever used "Rub and Buff" on a door knob?

I think it looks pretty good- hopefully it holds up. If so, it might be a good option for ridding your home of brass knobs without having to buy and install new ones.

Finally, since it really is too hot to be outside, I found another door that needed painting. This door leads to our garage. It always has black smudges and muddy handprints on it. Painting it black seemed to be the obvious choice. Why fight the dirt?

Oh and Lori over at "Be Different, Act Normal" is away from her blog for a few days. "Be Different, Act Normal" is a fun blog that features super ideas for parties, home decor, holiday fun, and recipes. She has invited over a bunch of great 'guest bloggers' to share their favorite projects while she is away. And happily Crafty Texas Girls is featured! So stop by and take a look, you will be amazed at all the creative ideas.

Hope you are having a productive weekend. What "honey do's" are on your list? Do you tackle them alone or does your husband lend a hand?



I was cleaning out my pantry last weekend and I discovered I have an abundance of plastic spoons. So I am either going to have an ice cream party or try one of these projects...

Framed Spoon Art

Spoon Wreath

Spoon Chandy

Sunburst Spoon Mirror

Melted Spoon Rose

Spoon on the Nose Game

Decision, decisions. What should I do with all my spoons?


New Sponsor

I am so excited to announce the newest sponsor of Crafty Texas Girls--- Kelly's Kids.

In their own words, Kelly's Kids is the largest home party company specializing in children's appareal. They provide unique, high quality, classic clothing for the entire family to mix, match and coordinate. 


And after almost 30 years, Kelly's Kids continues to provide families across 
the country with high quality, durable clothes in timeless style and fabrics. 

Please click here to see more of what Kelly's Kids has to offer. Tell Hollie that Crafty Texas Girls sent you! :)

 And stay tuned, a giveaway for a Kelly's Kids gift certificate  is coming!

If you are interested in having your ad appear on Crafty Texas Girls- email me at craftytexasgirls@gmail.com for details.


Do you have a favicon?

What is a favicon? I had seen the button on blogger - but never investigated. Then one of my blog friends did a post about it.

Thank you "room*6" and "Today's Fabulous Finds" for the tips!

A favicon is that small icon (picture) next to a website's address. It appears in your browser's address bar next to the website name. In the photo above/below, the favicon is a star.

So to make a favicon for your blog, simply choose a tiny picture. And when I say tiny, I mean tiny! Then follow the instructions on blogger under the 'Design' and 'Page Elements' tab.

I had a hard time deciding what to use. Also note the image must be a square.

It took several tries for me realize that image needed to be very simple. Otherwise when it is shrunk to the 16x16 size it becomes impossible to decipher.  Words don't work because you can't read them at that size. So think of an image or maybe even one or two letters.

Even this rose ended up looking like a blob. 

Finally I decided on this little flower. Very little detail- really think 'icon'. I found my flower on picnik under the 'stickers'. I also used picnik to resize it down to 50x50. Then blogger did the rest.

 It will take a few days for the favicon to show up, so keep your eyes peeled for mine. And if you are a blogger, add a little personality to your blog with a favicon of your own!

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Happy Things

Here are FOUR things that I am happy about today...

1. Our new black door. I chose glossy and painted the interior too. I couldn't be more pleased!

2. The fabric department returned to my Wal-Mart! Groceries and crafting have been reunited :)

3. I found a website that sells burlap coffee sacks, sisal coffee sacks- and potato sacks. They are only $2.55.

4. And finally YOU- my blog friends.

It brightens my day to hear from you. Thank you for all the comments, emails, and photos. I love seeing my creations on your adorable children and sharing in your creative journey. I am so happy my little blog has encouraged and inspired you. I am humbled by your kindness.

xo- Samantha

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