Teach Your Kids to Sew

My girls are always asking for a craft. This time, my ten-year old really wanted to do a sewing craft. If you ever wanted to sew with your kids, this is the craft for you! Sewing is a good life-skill- it teaches patience, eye-hand coordination, and someday it will come in handy! (trust me!) So I took the girls to Hobby Lobby and bought two inexpensive embroidery hoops, a bit of fabric, needles, and embroidery floss.


Why We Went Back to Cinnamon Shore!

The day that school let out, we packed up our car and drove back down to Cinnamon Shore. Why?? Because it is the best beach in Texas and only 6.5  hours from our house. The property is adorable and the activities are fun.


DIY Fabric Bunting: Sweet Tea Challenge

Want to know a secret? I have always thought it would be fun to be on a reality show. You know, one of those "Craft Challenge" shows where the participants are given certain materials and then have a limited amount of time to create something amazing. I don't even know if such a show exists anymore- but if you hear about a "Project Runway" style show for crafters... let me know! Until then, I have found the next best thing. A Craft Challenge via the blog world. No fancy television cameras, but there are some fierce competitors and voting involved.

This Craft Challenge- named the "Sweet Tea Challenge"is hosted by KariAnne at Thistlewood. The goal of the competition is to create something fun with the fabric charm packs we got at Jemma's recent blog party. And like I said, I am always up for a crafty challenge.


Luau Party - DIY Decorations

My girl and I are heading to cheer camp soon. The camp is three days long and hosted at a local hotel. The girls will work on skills, stunts, team-building and have lots of fun. And I get to go along as a chaperone! One of the 'unofficial jobs' of a cheer camp chaperone is to decorate the room. Which as you know-- is right up my alley! The theme we chose is "Tropical"-- so think of a luau with a tiki hut, palm trees, and lots of pineapples.


Family Road Trip to Austin

In March, we took our girls on a road trip to Austin, Texas. It's not a long drive from the DFW area, so it was the perfect get-away. Road trips in Texas are one of my favorite ways to spend a vacation. This state has so much to offer and people in Texas really are the nicest :) So we were excited to explore Austin and experience all it had to offer.


What's Really Inside a POPSUGAR MustHave Box

For over a year, I have been a member of the POPSUGAR Select blogging team. POPSUGAR Select is a network featuring some of the best fashion, beauty, fitness, food, living, and mom bloggers. It's been a fun way to connect with other bloggers and share my projects. Plus it has brought some really cool opportunities my way. One of them is the chance to review products every now and then. Getting awesome goodies in a box for free = happy blogger!

(See that photo above? That's not really me. But I DID feel that chic as I was carrying my POPSUGAR box into my house. Where is a professional stylist & photographer when you need one?!)

Here is my attempt at that look. Like my sweaty hair and workout clothes? I bet you can relate. And since we are friends here... let's just keep it real :) 


Pool Party Cupcakes

Got a pool party on your calendar? Then you need to make these! It's always fun to be the person who brings the 'cute Pinterest-y' dessert to a party. These Pool Party Cupcakes will delight the kids-- and maybe even impress some of the adults :)


Father's Day Photo Gift

Every year, my girls like to make a photo gift for Father's Day. It started awhile back, when we got creative and made a chalk photo for my husband. Since then, we have continued the tradition. And this year, the girls picked a 'beach' theme for our chalk art.


How to Wear Pink

Pink is now my favorite color. All shades of pink- from rose gold, to hot pink, to fuchsia, and even a pale cotton candy pink. It can be feminine, flirty, classic, and fun. A hint of pink is warm, just like a sunset. And since I love to share a good 'find'... Here are my tips for "Wearing Pink" this summer.


Easy DIY Photo Magnets

I read an article recently about the importance of having printed family photos in your home. When kids see photos of their family displayed at home, it gives them a sense of belonging. It gives them a visual of the past, a visual of the present, and the ability to imagine the future. Having photos on your social media pages or your phone is not the same! We need actual hard copy prints of our photos for our kids. We need them to see the story of us.

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