21 Crafty Valentine Projects

It's Valentines week! So today I am sharing a round-up of my favorite Valentine projects. Lots of ideas for parties, decor and things to give.


Crafty Valentine's Party

When it comes to Valentine's Day, the crafting options are unlimited. Handmade cards, creative Valentine's boxes for school, cute 'love' decorations for the home, and adorable confections that are 'almost' too pretty to eat. There are so many fun things to make for Valentine's-- it's hard to fit it all in on February 14th! So this year, I decided to host a "Valentine's Crafty Party" for my girls. I invited over a few of their friends, stocked up on red paper hearts, yummy treats and then the fun began...


Galentine's Ideas: Celebrate Your Friends

Have you ever heard of Galentine's? If you aren't a fan of the show "Parks and Recreation"- you probably have no idea what Galentine's even is. So here is the quick explanation-- Galentine's Day is held on February 13th and it is the day that you celebrate the love of your lady friends! And whether you are single, married, or 'its complicated'... Galentine's Day is for you!

I have always thought Valentine's Day was pretty much a 'girl holiday' anyway. Which is why Galentine's Day is so perfect-- it's chance to be girly and show your appreciation of those dear friends. Because the love we have for our friends is worth celebrating and it definitely deserves its own day! ;)

What's Galentine's Day??-- click here to the video clip 
So now that you know about Galentine's Day, it's time to plan a little celebration. Below are my top 4 ideas for having the best Galentine's Day ever!


The Truth about Wall Stencils

Ever thought about stenciling a wall? Have you seen those beautiful images on Pinterest and thought- I could totally do that! Well, the truth is... you can. But be warned, stenciling a wall is not an easy task. I just 'survived' my second wall stencil experience. And now I am ready to spill all my "secrets" about this popular DIY trend.

Ready to learn the truth about wall stencils?? Keep reading!


Decorate without Adding Clutter + Pillow Giveaway

Although I am sad to see the holiday season come to an end, there is something wonderful about the emptiness of January. Removing decorations and taking down the lights, my home feels beautifully bare. I love the simplicity of the white winter light and the cleanliness of the new year.

It seems there is a fine line between having enough decor to keep things interesting and over-decorating to the point of clutter. January is the best time to reevaluate what items are adding dimension to your style and what things are simply taking up space.

With your home freshly 'undecorated' after the holidays, consider these three ideas for decorating without adding clutter.


5 Ways to Wear Sequin Pants

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Our family spent lots of time celebrating, relaxing, and playing. And now we are on to New Year's Eve! One of my favorite things about the holidays is dressing up. I wore these black sequin pants for Christmas Eve. (I absolutely love these pants.) The front is sequined and the back is a stretchy spandex legging. Since the pants are so fancy-- I paired them with a simple tunic. After posting the picture on Instagram, I had lots of inquiries about the pants. So I thought it would be fun to do a post about sequin pants!


Easy Christmas Crafts: DIY Reindeer Candy Canes & Present Costume

Like everyone else, we are trying to pack in as much Christmas fun as possible this month. We have written letters to Santa, decorated the house, seen Christmas lights, and made a few crafts too. My favorites so far are these Reindeer Candy Canes and the Present Costume.


Sitting Room Makeover (Transitional Style)

Our sitting area has gotten a make-over over the past month. (You can read about it here.) In my recent search for chairs, I found out that my home decor style is now considered "transitional". Not traditional, not modern. But somewhere in the middle. Which describes most things about me. So with that said, here is a peek at some of the decor changes I have made recently.


5 Things NOT to do When House Hunting

It's that time of the year. The time when you reflect about your home and your plans for the coming year. For some- that may mean you are thinking about home improvement projects (we just did that with lots of paint!) And for others, it means buying a new home. The market in our DFW area is so strong right now. I have several friends who are actively looking, keeping their eyes open and (their homes ready) in case they find that perfect property. If you are one of those people, I know how you feel! This is our third home and I have learned so much about the home buying process. So keep reading-- because today I am sharing my top five tips of What "Not to Do" when House Hunting.


Christmas Decorations: Transitional Style

Fa la la la la.... our tree is up! It is truely the most wonderful time of the year. I love seeing my friend's Christmas trees, looking at Christmas decorations on Pinterest, and swooning over holiday trimmings in my favorite catalogs. There is just something about a beautifully decorated tree in a cozy home.  So today, I thought I would show you mine.  I am calling it "Christmas with the Conners"-- 'transitional' style :)

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