How to Make Marbled Paper with Shaving Cream

We're back again with more shaving cream fun! After coloring our Easter eggs with food dye and shaving cream, we had leftover supplies. So we decided to use it for another craft project. I found this idea for using shaving cream to create "Marbled Paper" from The Artful Parent.  

Easy- Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs

Since everything is 'different' now - we decided to try a 'different' way to dye our Easter Eggs this year. I wanted to use the supplies we had here at home, instead of making a spontaneous run to the grocery store. This allowed me to think outside of the box. Necessity breeds creativity right?! Have you ever used shaving cream to dye eggs? This was our first time and my girls really enjoyed it. Read on to see how we dyed our eggs with shaving cream and what we learned in the process!


Quarantine Birthday Ideas


The world-wide coronavirus pandemic is frightening and unsettling. We have all been tasked with something that at first seemed impossible, but has now become our new routine. Stay at home. Stay at home. Stay at home. The coronavirus is a killjoy. But life has found a way to go on. The sun is rising and setting. The days on the calendar are ticking by. And in the midst of a global crisis, there are people and there are birthdays. So how do you celebrate a special occasion when you have to social distance?  No hugs, no kisses, no parties. Are the only options for celebrating birthdays a text or phone call?


Modern Easter Decorating Ideas

Spring has arrived and it's time to decorate for Easter. This time of year is when the weather is at its best. Bright blue skies, warm sunshine and an abundance of budding flowers. I do love Spring! The promise of a fresh start along with all the colorful blooms is inspiring.  Looking to give your Easter decorations a modern refresh? Here are four super-stylish approaches to creating a look that is both classic and modern.  


Modern Valentines Mantle & Record Player Valentine Box

Most people love to decorate for the big holidays like Christmas and Halloween. But what about those little holidays? You know those holidays like Valentines, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, etc. Do you decorate for those holidays?


Nutcracker Christmas Party

You all know how I feel about theme parties. I LOVE them! And as much I enjoy planning them, they are also my favorite to attend. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen photos of my youngest daughter performing ballet. This weekend will be her 5th year to perform in the Colleyville Ballet's production of the Nutcracker. To celebrate the show, one of my 'dance mom' friends hosted a "Nutcracker Christmas Party" for our girls. I loved all the treats, crafts, and decor. She added so many fun details to this Nutcracker party. It was right up Maisy's alley- and mine too!


Easy Reindeer Classroom Door

Are there any other former teachers out there? I know who you are! The ones who love a good bulletin board, the ones who understand how excited kids get for classroom holiday decorations. My friend Regina (also a former teacher) and I thought our big 4th grade kiddos needed some Christmas cheer at school.  So we decorated their teacher's doors! Since we had to do 5 doors and there were only 2 of us... we wanted to do something that did not involve wrapping the entire door. I think this Reindeer Door Decor is both simple and fun! 


Family Trip to Washington D.C.

For Thanksgiving, we decided to get out of town! We have been wanting to take our kids to Washington D.C. and this week off from school provided the perfect opportunity. If you are interested in making the trip to Washington D.C. (with or without kids), this post is for you. I am sharing what museums we visited, where we ate, what monuments are a 'must-see', and all the experiences you won't want to miss. Everyone - young and old- needs to visit Washington D.C. at least once. 


Bullet Journals for Teens

Afton invited me to be a 'guest crafter' for her NCL meeting. National Charity League (or NCL) is a mother-daughter service organization for girls in grades 7-12. It focuses on building mother-daughter relationships through community service. The girls meet as a group once a month. Their meetings are centered around a guest speaker or a community activity.  For this meeting, the girls wanted to work a craft. I was so honored that Afton suggested I help with the meeting. (Anyone with a teenage daughter knows this is a big compliment- ha!)  So I worked with another mom to come up with a craft that would be meaningful and fun for 8th-grade girls. After talking about all issues and pressure young women face in middle school, we decided that bullet journals would be perfect.


TX Pinner's 2019

Pinner's Texas 2019 did not disappoint! You might remember that I presented and taught several classes a few years ago at Pinner's. You can read all about it here. This year, Afton and I went as VIP guests. It was so fun!

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