What's Really Inside a POPSUGAR MustHave Box

For over a year, I have been a member of the POPSUGAR Select blogging team. POPSUGAR Select is a network featuring some of the best fashion, beauty, fitness, food, living, and mom bloggers. It's been a fun way to connect with other bloggers and share my projects. Plus it has brought some really cool opportunities my way. One of them is the chance to review products every now and then. Getting awesome goodies in a box for free = happy blogger!

(See that photo above? That's not really me. But I DID feel that chic as I was carrying my POPSUGAR box into my house. Where is a professional stylist & photographer when you need one?!)

Here is my attempt at that look. Like my sweaty hair and workout clothes? I bet you can relate. And since we are friends here... let's just keep it real :) 


Pool Party Cupcakes

Got a pool party on your calendar? Then you need to make these! It's always fun to be the person who brings the 'cute Pinterest-y' dessert to a party. These Pool Party Cupcakes will delight the kids-- and maybe even impress some of the adults :)


Father's Day Photo Gift

Every year, my girls like to make a photo gift for Father's Day. It started awhile back, when we got creative and made a chalk photo for my husband. Since then, we have continued the tradition. And this year, the girls picked a 'beach' theme for our chalk art.


How to Wear Pink

Pink is now my favorite color. All shades of pink- from rose gold, to hot pink, to fuchsia, and even a pale cotton candy pink. It can be feminine, flirty, classic, and fun. A hint of pink is warm, just like a sunset. And since I love to share a good 'find'... Here are my tips for "Wearing Pink" this summer.


Easy DIY Photo Magnets

I read an article recently about the importance of having printed family photos in your home. When kids see photos of their family displayed at home, it gives them a sense of belonging. It gives them a visual of the past, a visual of the present, and the ability to imagine the future. Having photos on your social media pages or your phone is not the same! We need actual hard copy prints of our photos for our kids. We need them to see the story of us.


DIY Graduation Gift: College Hashtag Tote Bag

Where did May go??! The last few weeks of school have flown by. So many fun projects-- I got to help host a "Glow Dance Party" for our entire school, chaperoned a class over-night trip (which included some fun campy crafts!), watched my little perform in her ballet recital, and celebrated my birthday. Phew! I hope to get some of those fun projects over here on the blog soon. Today I am sharing a fun idea that can be used as DIY Graduation Gift or an end of year gift for your favorite teacher. It's pretty much my favorite "DIY Gift" because it is so easy to make!

The College Hashtag bag is a fun twist on a project I have shared here. All you need to make your hashtag bag is a canvas tote bag, craft paint, and iron-on letters.


Mother's Day Printable: From Your Favorite Child

If you are a mom, then you know, despite what anyone says-- you have a favorite child. You are not 'supposed' to have a favorite child. But you and I both know the truth.


Sweet Candy Themed Teacher Appreciation Week

Our "So Sweet to be Taught By You" Staff Appreciation was a hit with both the kids and teachers. Here is a look at what I planned for the week. None of this would have possible without lots and lots of helping hands. (I did not do any of this alone!) Teachers/staff are the people who love and care for our kids all day. They deserve to be thanked. I hope they felt extra appreciated this week! 


Teacher Appreciation Door Ideas

Our school is celebrating Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week right now. And as the Hospitality Chair for our PTA, it's a big week for me! I have had so much fun planning for this event. I chose the theme "So Sweet to be Taught By You". (Think candy, sweets, treats and more!) To kick off the week, some of our crafty Homeroom Moms gathered after school on Friday to decorate their teacher's door. They all turned out so cute, I thought it would be fun to share them with you today.

I will do a seperate post with the full details of our 
Candy Themed Teacher Appreciation Week soon :) 
But until then, here is some sweet inspiration for decorating your teacher's door. 


Make A Newspaper Hat for Earth Day

Our elementary school has lots of fun traditions. One of our favorite, is the annual "Earth Day Hat Contest". During the Week of Earth Day, kids are invited to make a hat at home using recycled materials. Then they wear it to school and two winners (one boy and one girl) are chosen for each class. The assignment gets kids to 'think outside the box' and use lots of creativity.

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