Camp Lucy- 40th Birthday Weekend

Who knew that 40 years would go by so fast?! My big birthday was last weekend and despite all the craziness of COVID-19, my husband and I were able to get away for celebration. We drove 3.5 hours south to Dripping Springs, TX and stayed the weekend at Camp Lucy. I never went to an 'overnight camp' as a kid. But here I am at 40 years old! Camp Lucy is like the ‘Troop Beverly Hills’ version of roughing it. Designer cabins, signature cocktails, resort amenities, fine dining, and a few ‘outdoorsy’ activities. Read on to find out all about this gorgeous wedding venue and Hill Country Resort.


Quarantine Bikes

How are you all holding up? As quarantine continues we are finding we need 'less' rush and busy, and 'more' time for experiences. One thing that the girls and I have been loving is riding bikes. Both my girls have always had bikes, but between school and after school activities, we weren't using them very much. Now that the world has hit the 'pause button' on our schedule, we have had time to rediscover the joy that comes from simply being outside. Are you finding more time to be outside too? Thinking about getting a bike? Keep reading to find out more about our bikes, where we ride them, and how to get back to basics with your kids.


7 Quarantine Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Since our kids are all learning from home, Teacher Appreciation Week is going to look a little different this year. But like everything else that has changed- birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc- the heart of the event has stayed the same. We all love our teachers (maybe even more now that we have taken on some of their duties!) and we want to show them how much we appreciate them. If you are stumped on how to do this from a distance, you have come to the right place. I have lots of ideas to show your teachers how much you appreciate them, even from 6 feet away.


Recycled Fashion- Earth Day Hats & Dresses

Happy Earth Day! In our house, it's a tradition to make "Recycled Hats" to wear to the school Earth Day celebration. Since we are doing 'online school' for the rest of the year, I was worried that our tradition might be ending. Without an official 'Earth Day' school celebration, would we will still continue our crafty creations?! Luckily my 14-year-old daughter came to the rescue and insisted that 'the show must go on!'. She designed and crafted this recycled dress and headband for her little sister. They had so much fun with this recycled outfit project!

So today we are looking back at all the hats we have crafted over the years and are sharing the tips for making your own fabulous Earth Day hat. If you are doing 'online school' at home right now, this would be a great project for your kids. From little to big- everyone has fun playing fashion designer with recycled goods.


How to Make Marbled Paper with Shaving Cream

We're back again with more shaving cream fun! After coloring our Easter eggs with food dye and shaving cream, we had leftover supplies. So we decided to use it for another craft project. I found this idea for using shaving cream to create "Marbled Paper" from The Artful Parent.  

Easy- Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs

Since everything is 'different' now - we decided to try a 'different' way to dye our Easter Eggs this year. I wanted to use the supplies we had here at home, instead of making a spontaneous run to the grocery store. This allowed me to think outside of the box. Necessity breeds creativity right?! Have you ever used shaving cream to dye eggs? This was our first time and my girls really enjoyed it. Read on to see how we dyed our eggs with shaving cream and what we learned in the process!


Quarantine Birthday Ideas


The world-wide coronavirus pandemic is frightening and unsettling. We have all been tasked with something that at first seemed impossible, but has now become our new routine. Stay at home. Stay at home. Stay at home. The coronavirus is a killjoy. But life has found a way to go on. The sun is rising and setting. The days on the calendar are ticking by. And in the midst of a global crisis, there are people and there are birthdays. So how do you celebrate a special occasion when you have to social distance?  No hugs, no kisses, no parties. Are the only options for celebrating birthdays a text or phone call?


Modern Easter Decorating Ideas

Spring has arrived and it's time to decorate for Easter. This time of year is when the weather is at its best. Bright blue skies, warm sunshine and an abundance of budding flowers. I do love Spring! The promise of a fresh start along with all the colorful blooms is inspiring.  Looking to give your Easter decorations a modern refresh? Here are four super-stylish approaches to creating a look that is both classic and modern.  


Modern Valentines Mantle & Record Player Valentine Box

Most people love to decorate for the big holidays like Christmas and Halloween. But what about those little holidays? You know those holidays like Valentines, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, etc. Do you decorate for those holidays?


Nutcracker Christmas Party

You all know how I feel about theme parties. I LOVE them! And as much I enjoy planning them, they are also my favorite to attend. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen photos of my youngest daughter performing ballet. This weekend will be her 5th year to perform in the Colleyville Ballet's production of the Nutcracker. To celebrate the show, one of my 'dance mom' friends hosted a "Nutcracker Christmas Party" for our girls. I loved all the treats, crafts, and decor. She added so many fun details to this Nutcracker party. It was right up Maisy's alley- and mine too!

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