I Didn't Kill It (Caring for a Fiddle Leaf Fig)

I am such a bad gardener. Every plant in my house is fake. But a good fake (So good that my husband spent 6 months watering one of them before I noticed and told him to stop.) Oh I have seen thousands of pinterest photos- chic homes filled with living plants, but I knew better. I knew that a living plant wouldn't stand a chance under my care.

Until I met Lucy. I spotted her in the middle of my local Home Depot and for some reason, I decided to give her a shot. For $30 I figured the worse that could happen would be that I killed her. And since Home Depot has a 'plant guarantee'-- well, then all would be forgiven.


Snowing on the Sun & Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Cookies

Living in Texas is a lot like living on the Sun. The summers are scorching hot. And the other seasons... are pretty much non-existent. I am not complaining, I really do prefer to warm. I am not used to being cold and I don't own much cold weather gear. (Besides the random gloves I bought at the Dollar Spot at Target and my collection of cute plaid scarves that every girl seems to own.) So we were all surprised to get a dusting of snow on January 6th.


So it's a New Year--- Now What?

It's 2017. We celebrated the arrival of the new year at a friend's house. The New Year is always confusing to me. We get all excited about getting a 'new year', a fresh start!!!! But after the champagne toasts are over and the confetti is swept away... what happens next? Now what are we supposed to do?


8 Fun Things to do with Kids on New Year's Eve

With New Year's Eve just around the corner, it's time to start making plans. Most people with kiddos will ring in the New Year with their kiddos. Which, if you plan a few activities ahead of time, is actually the best! If you will be spending the last night of 2016 with littles, keep reading to see my favorite family activities for NYE.


6 Christmas Games to Play at Home

Before school let out, I got to help plan my daughter's 5th grade Holiday Party. The party included a snack, craft and some fun games. Although the event was for 10 year olds, the activities are perfect for doing at home with your family (young and old!) Planned games and activities are a great way to get your family excited about hanging out together. Fun is good for all ages! Keep reading for 6 Christmas Games to play at home this holiday season.


What to Give Someone, Who Has Everything

When it comes to "Christmas Wish Lists" my daughters and I are professionals. We have no shortage of  'wishes'. We love gifts. And not only do we love getting gifts-- we really love giving them. This season we have enjoyed shopping for just the right things for our favorite people. Finding the perfect gift takes thought, time and caring. Most people in our family are easy to shop for... with the exception of my husband.


Easy Christmas Tree Brownies

Everyone decorates sugar cookies for Christmas. Want to change things up and do something different? Try these! Bake up a batch of brownies and turn them into adorable little Christmas trees.


DIY Rosette Headband

Today I am so excited to share with you my favorite hair accessory project- DIY Rosette Headbands! I have been making these headbands for years- I used to sell them to boutiques all across the country. Today, I will share all my best tips and secrets for making this adorable headband. This is the first time I have ever shared 'the how-to' for this perfect 'boutique accessory'. It makes a great gift for girls (and women) of all ages. Now let's get started!


DIY BIG Christmas Hair Bow

Hello! Today I am excited to show you how to make a Big Christmas Hair Bow. This bow can be worn by girls of every age and it would be fun hair accessory for a themed 'ugly sweater' Christmas party too! I have been making bows like this for years, and today I want to share 'my secret bow making tutorial' with you :)


Christmas Party Ideas for Kids (Games, Crafts & More)

Tis the season for parties! School parties, work parties, neighborhood parties. This time of year, everyone wants to celebrate together. I hosted my daughter's holiday cheer party over the weekend and it was so fun. Her team is made up of fourteen of the sweetest tween girls.  If you are getting ready to host a party for the holidays, keep reading for lots of ideas to make any holiday party a success! 

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