Teacher Appreciation Luncheon- Picnic Style

Is there anything more satisfying than serving others?  Telling people, "you are appreciated, we are thankful for you" and treating them to a meal gives you a warm, happy feeling.

Don't believe me? Try it!

Our PTA recently hosted an Appreciation Luncheon for our middle school staff. We treated them to lunch from Cowboy Chicken, along with salads and a dessert bar.


Art is a Trigger

Do you ever get an afternoon with 'nothing to do'? It seems like those days are few and far between. So when one pops up, we take advantage. Luckily, our 'free day' fell on the exact same day my "Happy Mail" arrived from Craft Projects Ideas.

Via Art Bar 


Teacher Appreciation- 5 Days of Crafts/Gifts

I have always loved Teacher Appreciation Week. I love making 'punny' treats to send to school each day. I love to work with a theme. I love to show our teachers how much we love them!!! This year, Maisy is happy to take all my creations to her teacher. But Afton, who is now in middle school, feels a bit embarrassed by it all. Yet I am not giving up!

Here is what we made this year:

Crafts with a Pinterest Mom

Someone called me a "Pinterest Mom" the other day. And I said "thank you". I happen to think that's a compliment! Here is what I have seen and made from Pinterest lately. 

For Easter the girls made these fun Peeps Cars with Maisy's dyslexia tutor. Aren't they cute!?! 


Preparing for Easter

It has turned right from winter to spring around here. This week begins the final few days before Easter. We are preparing with egg decorating, treats and church.


50's Sock Hop - Middle School Cotillion

At my daughter's middle school, the 6th grade class gets to participate in Cotillion. It is a 4 week program hosted by the PTA that teaches etiquette, manners, and dance. I volunteered to co-chair the first dance, which is the 50's Sock Hop. Want to see how we threw a 50's theme party-- including decorations, fun party food and entertained 150 middle school kids on a Friday night? Well keep on reading!


Spread the Love, Not Germs! (Hand-Sanitizer Gift)

I don't know about you, but we are trying our best to keep away the flu! We have had so many friends get sick this season. It is just awful! Although we got our flu shots, we have been extra vigilant about washing hands. Which is why this was the 'sweet treat' my girls gave to their teachers last week.


Easter is Coming: The Eggmazing Egg Decorator

With Valentines over, we are ready for all the fun that Easter brings! I love the Easter season, it is filled with hope, purity and the promise of new life. There are so many cute crafts and activities that we can do as a family this time of year. One of our favorite traditions is dying Easter eggs. It's a chance for us all to sit around the table and just enjoy being together. Which is why I was so excited when my friend shared with me a new crafty way to decorate Easter eggs!


iPod Valentine Box & RV Valentine Box

It's that time of year again-- time for for Valentine's Boxes. My oldest has gone to middle school, so no more Valentine exchanges for her. But she still played along and got crafty while my second grader worked to make the 'perfect' box for her Valentine party. We looked around on Pinterest and then heated up the old glue gun and got started!


New Year's Eve Treats

New Year's Eve comes the same day each year, but for some reason I like to wait until the last minute to plan! Luckily our sweet friends invited us along to a party with them. I wanted to bring a fun NYE dessert, but I was short on time. So what did I do? I 'semi-homemade' a few things of course :)

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