Easy- Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs

Since everything is 'different' now - we decided to try a 'different' way to dye our Easter Eggs this year. I wanted to use the supplies we had here at home, instead of making a spontaneous run to the grocery store. This allowed me to think outside of the box. Necessity breeds creativity right?! Have you ever used shaving cream to dye eggs? This was our first time and my girls really enjoyed it. Read on to see how we dyed our eggs with shaving cream and what we learned in the process!

After rummaging around in our pantry I found a stash of my girls 'slime making' supplies. (Ugh slime!) In the stash, there were several cans of shaving cream. After a quick 'google search' I found that you can actually use shaving cream to dye Easter Eggs. Who knew?!


The tutorial we followed was from Crafting Morning. My girls really liked it because it was messy! 

Materials Needed: 
-Shaving Cream
-Food Coloring
-Baking Sheet

1. Spray shaving cream all over a baking sheet. Spread it out evenly, my girls liked to use their hands for this part.

 2. Drip food coloring randomly on the shaving cream. You can use a butter knife to swirl the color around on the shaving cream. 

3. Place an egg in the shaving cream, roll it over so it's covered with dye and shaving cream. Let it sit in the shaving cream for 10 minutes- or more!

4. Wash off the eggs and pat dry.   

NOTE- After 10 minutes, we removed the eggs and rinsed them off. The colors were pretty but very light. Mostly the pink tones showed up. So we added more food dye to the existing shaving cream and put them in again. This time, we left them in the shaving cream for 20 minutes.

We removed the eggs again, rinsed and dried them. The colors were still not as vibrant as I expected, but the girls were pleased with them- and they were pretty!


Feeling inspired to try your own shaving cream craft?  I would love to see how it turns out- find me on Instagram and tag me @craftytexasgirl . Happy crafting! 


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