Eggs for Easter

With all of our warm weather last week and the new spring blooms, I was searching for a gardening craft to do with my girls.

  When I saw these 'cracked' eggs, I knew I had found it!
Found here
Here is what you need:
- 1 dozen eggs (we mixed brown and white)
- potting soil
- grass or flower seeds
-egg carton with the top cut off

1. Crack off the top of your eggs and rinse them out.
You can save the 'insides' and use them to bake a lot of cookies.

2. Place the eggs back in the carton. Afton really liked those eggs in a pattern :)

3. Before adding the soil, pre-water it. I scooped a couple of cups of soil into a bowl, added water and mixed. Then, gently spoon the potting soil into the eggs.

4.  Sprinkle some seeds in the eggs. Cover with a bit of soil.
We did 4 with grass seed, 4 with marigold seeds, 4 with zinnia seeds.

The seeds take about 2 weeks to grow, so they should arrive just in time for Easter. We are keeping them outdoors and will sprinkle them with water as needed.
Found here

Found here
 If you want to try it too- get planting by this weekend and you'll have something cute for your Easter table!
Found here


Rainbow Cupcakes

Eeek! I meant to share this with you on St. Patrick's Day, but somehow I am just now getting to it.

My girls and I baked these adorable rainbow cupcakes for March 17th. But these would be perfect for any spring or summer day. Or even a Rainbow Birthday Party!

Simply mix up a batch of your favorite yellow or white cake box batter. Then separate the batter into 5 bowls. Use food color to dye the batter in each bowl- red, yellow, green, blue, purple. (We omitted orange and indigo- just to keep it simple.) Then we put a bit of each of the colors in white muffin cups. Bake and enjoy!

Maisy loved her rainbow cupcakes so much that I ended up having to strip her down when she was done. Cupcake was everywhere.

 Now that's a dessert!


Changing of the Seasons

With spring's official arrival on Sunday, we were motivated to spruce up the entry way/ front door. Take a look.

Starting with our wreath... I really like those sweet 'egg types'. But I needed something that would last beyond April.

From Pottery Barn

A quick trip to HomeGoods provided us with a beautiful wreath for a great price. For $19 I found this 'lavender' wreath which will take me from Easter to summer.

The black urns have been on my 'wishlist' for an entire year. We shopped around forever. They can be pricey. And all the less expensive ones I found were plastic. I felt like if we were going to spend $30 or more per urn, they needed to be heavy.

Plastic one from Lowes- not substantial enough

Solid cement urn from Lowes- too pricey and not black!~

Finally we made it over to Garden Ridge. (Which has an interesting array of inventory these days.) We found these solid, heavy cement urns for $59 each. They were worth the wait!

I love all the bright green that surrounds our entry way now. Feels so springy! What projects are you working on now that the seasons have changed?


Wedding Season

Wow- I didn't realize wedding season was creeping up on us until I ran across last week's posts on "I Love That!".

Who doesn't love wedding season? Look at some of the beautiful hairstyles she found. I love the flowers and feathers of course:)

Coincidentally, I was just contacted by two brides about custom headbands, lil guy ties and flower girl tutus. I am so excited! I love doing special pieces!

 So I have been searching for some beautiful wedding inspiration.

I can't wait to show you what I am creating. Some of my couture flowers will be made to coordinate with the brides' color schemes. Imagine the flower girls coming down the aisle in these. Gorgeous!

Will you be going to any weddings this season? What is your favorite part--flowers, dancing, cake???

All photos from here and here.


Easter Ideas

Not quite April, but around my house- it is time for Easter fun! Here are a few of my favorites from around the blogging world.

Bunny Cake Pops-
I wonder if the Easter Bunny delivers these? 

Found here

Sweet and Savory Bunny Mix (fritos, popcorn and white chocolate!!!)-
This would be perfect for a class Easter party.
Found here
Printable Party Circles-
Dress up those cupcakes!

Found here

Ribbon Wreath-
Surely I have enough ribbon laying around to create this...
Found here
Easter Egg Candle Sticks-
You can find these cute eggs at Hobby Lobby this week for 50% off.
Found here
Egg Carrots-
Martha is so stinkin' creative!
Found here

My girls were quite excited to pull our Easter egg collection out of the hall closet.
Have you added a little "Easter cheer" to your home yet?

PS... Order your made-to-match Easter bows now!!! 
Average wait-time on custom orders is currently 10 days.


My New Favorite Show

I don't watch a ton of tv (if you don't include PBS kids, Disney movies, and Baby Signing Time.) But my dvr does record a few things just for me. One of which is The Nate Berkus Show.

Are you watching it too?! It is like all my favorite blogs rolled into a tv show. He really emphasizes creating a layered look in your home. Great design and unique decor comes over time. Homes that are appealing have personal items, character, and have taken years to decorate. (Who wants to live in a home ordered straight from a page in a catalog?!) Each segment features way to give your decor a custom look.  

Nate (yes--we are on a first name basis) covers everything from thrifting, great design tips, recipes, entertaining and more. Plus his hair kind of reminds me of Edward *sigh* .

Any......way, the show is worth recording. Here are a few the things that have kept me tuned in.

-Turn funky Goodwill trash into treasure with white spray paint. 

-Take a simple pillow and make it pop with hot glue and rick-rack. 


-Personalize your home with fabric paint and a stencil. 
This would also be cute on a pillow.

-Find great party decor at the Dollar Store! 
I love this idea, using crepe paper to create a basket weave design for the tables. 

- And of course, lots of gorgeous homes...

All photos in this post found at Nate Berkus

 So what are you watching? Where are you finding inspiration? 
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