Preparing for Thanksgiving

We have been doing our best to prepare for Thanksgiving.


Hiking in Vail, Colorado

My husband recently turned the big "4-0". Since he is figuratively going over the hill, he decided he literally wanted to go over one too! So he booked a long weekend in Vail, Colorado for the two of us. No kids. Just a weekend for us to celebrate his birthday and to do as much hiking as we could. Because there is nothing like reaching a milestone birthday that makes you want to push your physical limits just a bit :) 


Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Cookies

I recently attended a teaching conference and the speaker emphasized the importance of traditions. She explained that traditions help us feel like we belong and that we are loved. A tradition can be something done in a classroom or it can be something done at home. Holiday traditions that are repeated year after year, give us something to look forward to. Holiday traditions build a sense of family and help create lasting memories.

I share all of this because my oldest recently surprised me with her understanding of our family traditions. I was asking her about Thanksgiving and she said 'Well... for Thanksgiving- we always go to Mimi's and we always make Pilgrim Hat Cookies'. This made me laugh because although I do like making edible crafts with my girls around holiday times, I never considered these fun little cookies to be a 'family tradition'.

But to my girls, they are! These cookies are not just cute and sweet. They are a symbol of our family and our love for each other. And because of that, we will be making these every November! Keep reading for the recipe and ideas for creating your own Thanksgiving traditions. (See our peanut free pilgrim hat cookies here  & the no-bake version here and another one here.)


DIY Tea Party for Girls

More than anything, my youngest daughter wanted to have her birthday party at home this year. And she wanted it to be a tea party. Parties at home can be tricky. Lots of cleaning, setting up, etc. So honestly, I tried to change her mind :) I offered up a big party, with as many friends as she wanted, at one of those trampoline parks. But she was set on the idea of little fancy tea party. And since I can't say no to my girl or the chance to throw a fancy party, I began to plan.... and now I am SO happy that she didn't choose that trampoline park after all!

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