DIY Tea Party for Girls

More than anything, my youngest daughter wanted to have her birthday party at home this year. And she wanted it to be a tea party. Parties at home can be tricky. Lots of cleaning, setting up, etc. So honestly, I tried to change her mind :) I offered up a big party, with as many friends as she wanted, at one of those trampoline parks. But she was set on the idea of little fancy tea party. And since I can't say no to my girl or the chance to throw a fancy party, I began to plan.... and now I am SO happy that she didn't choose that trampoline park after all!

To me, the secret of hosting an 'at home' party is the number of guests. I would have loved to invite 20 girls, but when the group gets too big, it's really hard to make it special. We chose the number of guests based on the number of chairs we had at our dining room table. And you know, it was perfect. I felt I could do more for each girl since there were only 6 of them.

Before the party, I set the table with a pink table cloth, paper doilies, my china, silk flowers and lots of treats.

I decorated the chairs with strips of lace. Then I added a folded paper medallion to the back of the chair.

I hung small tissue paper poms from the chandelier too. Since our dining room is open to to the family room, I added a little matching bunting to both our china hutch and mantle. That way the entire area felt decorated.

The cake was from Nothing Bundt Cake. I bought it 'undecorated' and added the same flowers from the table decor to the middle of the cake.

My plan for the party was a few organized activities and lots of playing.

I set up a play-dough bakery for the girls to make desserts for their dolls. They used paper cupcake liners, jewels, and cookie cutters to create treats. The dolls seemed to enjoy their sweet picnic. I also included beads and pipe cleaners on the table, which they decided to use to create doll jewelry. I love how creative kids are.

After getting the dolls settled, the girls played upstairs and in the backyard for a while. A few of them came back every minutes to be refill the dolls tea cups :)

Then we played "Pin the Top to the Teapot", old fashioned party games are my favorite. The girls jumped on the trampoline a bit after the game was over. We lucked out with the nicest weather. I think it helped to have breaks in our 'organized' games for just doing whatever they wanted. Sometimes parties can be so full of activities there is no time for free play. Kids need free play!

Afton and Maisy the "Put the Top on the Teapot" game all by themselves!
I loved that they helped with the prep and hosting of this party. 
Our next activity was to create fancy tea party hats. I bought straw hats from Hobby Lobby and attached them to plastic headbands with pipe cleaners. I left the pipe cleaners sticking out from the hats. (I prepped this part before the girls arrived.) Then my oldest daughter showed the girls how to make tissue paper flowers. We helped them attach the flowers to the hats with the pipe cleaners.

They were delighted with their fancy hats! I bought small straw hats for the dolls too and we simply attached those to the dolls heads with pipe cleaners.

Once everyone was 'fancy enough', it was time for tea. The girls used their best manners to pass around the treats, offer goodies to each other, and ask for tea. My oldest help me serve and attend to the 'ladies in training'.

We sang happy birthday and enjoyed cake and tea. And of course, opened presents.

After the tea party and gifts, the girls were ready to play outside again. We hung the pinata and let them all take turns hitting it with a baseball bat. Don't let their sweet faces fool you, these are tough girls! They busted that pinata wide open.

Once the candy was all collected we played in the front yard. Hide-and-Go-Seek, Tag, Duck-Duck-Goose, What Time is it Mr. Wolf were the favorites. We wrapped up the party outdoors with the dolls and passing out goody bags.

I felt like the party was a good combination of organized activities and free play. Maisy really got to enjoy her friends. It was like a fancy play date with cake and gifts.

I am so happy she had such a great idea for this party! Happy 7th Birthday sweet girl!

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