Eggs for Easter

With all of our warm weather last week and the new spring blooms, I was searching for a gardening craft to do with my girls.

  When I saw these 'cracked' eggs, I knew I had found it!
Found here
Here is what you need:
- 1 dozen eggs (we mixed brown and white)
- potting soil
- grass or flower seeds
-egg carton with the top cut off

1. Crack off the top of your eggs and rinse them out.
You can save the 'insides' and use them to bake a lot of cookies.

2. Place the eggs back in the carton. Afton really liked those eggs in a pattern :)

3. Before adding the soil, pre-water it. I scooped a couple of cups of soil into a bowl, added water and mixed. Then, gently spoon the potting soil into the eggs.

4.  Sprinkle some seeds in the eggs. Cover with a bit of soil.
We did 4 with grass seed, 4 with marigold seeds, 4 with zinnia seeds.

The seeds take about 2 weeks to grow, so they should arrive just in time for Easter. We are keeping them outdoors and will sprinkle them with water as needed.
Found here

Found here
 If you want to try it too- get planting by this weekend and you'll have something cute for your Easter table!
Found here

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