Tie Dye "Girls Night Out" Craft Party

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I am SO ready for summer. I am ready for long days, sitting by the pool, and lots of free time spent having fun. To kick-off summer, I recently hosted a "Tie Dye Craft Party" at my home.  I invited over some friends for one of my favorite crafts--- Tie Dye Your Summer!

Nothing says summer like a cute tie dye dress, tank top, or swim suit cover-up. I have seen so many trendy summer looks that include tie dye. And luckily, tie dye is so easy to do with the Tulip One-Step Tie Dye Kit.   Whether it is one person or a group, it really is mess free.

My Girls Night Out Craft party prep was simple. First, I covered a large table in a vinyl table cloth. Then I set out all the contents of the Tulip One-Step Tie-Die Kit.  It includes everything you need to tie dye plus gloves, rubber bands, directions and lots of project ideas.  Basically it is a party in a box :) I really liked all the colors included. And best of all, the dye is already in the bottles. So there is no mess.
For decor, I printed off these cute little 'paper shirts' that say "Tie Dye". They are available for free at at "Tie Dye Your Summer". You can find everything for party decor from invitations and cupcake wrappers to photo booth props and party circles for free on this site. It makes putting together a cute party very, very easy.

In the kitchen, I had munchies, drinks and a homemade tie dye cake. Those final weeks before summer can be a little crazy. So a night spent having fun while working on a project together was just what we all needed.

I provided large white t-shirts for my friends to dye. I knew we could do a little 't-shirt transformation' with a good pair of scissors. My friends were pro t-shirt hackers, and they turned these  boxy tees into cute swimsuit cover-ups. Some of the girls also brought tank tops, scarves, and sundresses.

To dye the garments, we really only had to follow three steps.

1. Choose the dye technique (lots of ideas/directions for techniques included in the kit.) Twist your shirt and use rubber bands to secure.

2. Add tap water to the dye containers and shake it up. 

3. Squirt the dye on the shirt. I purchased small bins for each guest, that way the dye would not get on the table. This step made cleaning up after the party super simple.

After the dye was applied, we put the shirts in Ziploc bags to keep them moist. The moisture makes for a more vibrant color in the final product. I taped directions for "Washing/Wearing" to each bag. And that's it! It was so easy, everyone made more than one tie dye project.

Getting ready to tie dye? Here are a few helpful tips:
-Before applying the dye, wet your shirt (or garment) completely and wring out excess water. The moisture helps the fabric absorb the dye.
-Use a vinyl table cloth, bins and gloves to keep the dye contained. When we finished dyeing, all I did was roll up the table cloth and throw away the used supplies. It was mess free!
-Visit "Tie Dye Your Summer" for party ideas and free party printable supplies.
-Watch this video to see how to set-up your own Tie Dye Party!

One of the things that my friends like best about this project is that there are no special skills required. No matter your age or 'craft abilities' you can tie dye. There is no way to do it wrong.

In case you are wondering how the projects turned out... here is a peek! 

Tie Dye Swimsuit Cover Up

Tie Dye Swimsuit Cover Up

Tie Dye Jacket 

 Tie Dye Tank 

Multi-Colored Tie Dye Swimsuit Cover Up

 Tie Dye T-shirt 

Tie Dye Tanks (From a tshirt hack) 

To see more Tie Dye Your Summer projects, check out the links below.

Happy Tie Dying!
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