Celebrate Every Mom

Happy Mother's Day! I spent the week (yes, I said 'week'!) celebrating the moms in my life. I did a 'girls night out' with my mom friends. Where we decided to declare that from now, it should be "Mother's Week" not just "Mother's Day". After all that's how we celebrate birthdays around here. Why not Mothers? Plus  there are so many amazing mothers in my life. I need a whole week's time to celebrate them all!

My mom friends are my village. We are in the trenches of mommyhood- day in and day out. They are the faces of PTA, cheer, church, soccer, and all the things that make our children's lives go round. They are behind-the-scenes making life good for all our kids. Cheers to you ladies! This job wouldn't be as much fun without you.

I owe a lot to my mother-in-law, she raised the most wonderful man I could have prayed for. She taught him how to be a good man, devoted husband, and loving father. She is a loving Mimi who plans adventures and special dates with my girls. She also makes the best chocolate chip waffles they have ever tasted.

My stepmom is a bonus in our life.  She is a delightful grandma who has patiently spent hours teaching my girls to quilt. She knows magical things like how to build fairy gardens. And she can always be counted on to have something special in her pantry.

My own mom is one in a million. God picked her just for me. My memories of her from when I was growing up are filled with hugs, patience, kindness--always kindness. She has a heart of gold. Now that I am a mom, our relationship has changed but stayed the same. She is the best listener and always seems to know how what to say. My girls adore their Grammy. She has special powers like growing a garden, making forts, and spontaneously playing softball at the park. Her house is full of treasures from the past that have turned into stories my girls will always remember. China dolls, vintage Raggedy Anne books, and Barbie dolls from the 60's. No one can replace my mom.

Today I am thankful for all the women in my life who care, nurture, and love children. Motherhood is the hardest job you will ever love.

In the past, I have made Mother's Day crafts and gifts. But this year, I went for the classic gift. Beautiful flowers delivered to each of my favorite 'mom's' front door. Thank you to ProFlowers for helping me Celebrate Every Mom!

Happy Mother's Day to you all!

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