DIY Poodle Skirt

My mom made me a poodle skirt when I was in middle school. I remember feeling so proud that she took the time to sew it for me. I loved that skirt.

So when a friend invited my girls to her party and mentioned that they "could" wear a poodle skirt, if they had one---well I knew it was time to continue the poodle skirt tradition.


Easter Basket Ideas for Girls & Boys (Reusable Items they will Actually Use!)

Every year I get a bit stuck when it comes to Easter baskets. They can be so adorable, but they can also can be a bit wasteful. So this year, I am trying to fill my baskets with items that are thoughtful and reusable. Who's with me?! Here are four ideas for themed "baskets" that can be used year round-- and are sure to make the Easter bunny proud :)


How to Celebrate Your Anniversary

My husband I recently said "Cheers to 13 years" of marriage. And for some reason, the number 13 sounded really, really big to me. A lot has happened in 13 years, but I don't feel 13 years older. I feel like we just got married! To celebrate we took a long weekend to Cancun, Mexico and stayed at our favorite Marriott resort.


DIY Sunshine Bucket

My daughter's little friend recently broke her elbow during team practice. She is the sweetest friend- so we decided to cheer her up with a "Bucket Full of Sunshine".

A few moms pitched in money, and I went shopping at "Five Below". And what tween girl doesn't love a bucket of goodies from "Five Below"??? I tried to stick with the 'yellow' theme, like the sun.

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