Office Update

Last week I showed you my embarrassing 'before' pictures (along with the much nicer 'after' pics too!) of my crafty workspace. Well, after getting my craft room all cleaned up, I set my sights on my husband's office. Back in September of 2011, you may remember that this was a major project in our home.

 Since my husband actually offices from home, our 'home office' can't just be a pretty room that we use for checking email and paying bills. It really has to be practical. The room was originally designed as a 'mother in law suite'. It is a nice big bedroom downstairs, with its own private bath. Both the girls used it as a nursery when they were little, which was wonderful because it meant I didn't have to run up and down the stairs in the middle of the night.

But as the girls got a bit bigger, we moved them both upstairs. And Jeff inherited the spacious room with the pretty hardwood floors.

Want to know about that red couch?! Hint: always buy neutral furniture. And read this post here!


Cowgirl Up #51

Welcome to Week 51
The Cowgirl Up!
Link Party!

1 Party, 5 Blogs Our guest host this week is
Kirsten from I Still Hate Pickles!

Hey! I'm Kirsten, but you can call me Kiki. Pretty much everyone does. I'm stoked to be guest hosting Cowgirl Up! Every week I find major inspiration from the links and posts. You guys are all amazingly talented.

I have lived in Houston for ten years and just bought my first pair of cowboy boots. I'll confess that I'm a little scared to wear them.

My blog, I Still Hate Pickles, is a little eclectic. On any given day you might catch me talking about parenting, writing, faith, DIY, and my kitchen adventures (which sometimes involve small kitchen fires). I like to keep things interesting.

Despite the fires, I really like to cook. I am a much better cook than baker because I like to be spontaneous and fudge recipes. Recently I started baking my own bread. Even if I find the recipe from someone else, I'm always finding ways to dress it up and make it my own. Nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread in the home! Even better when it's easy.

I have a few special things I bake only once or twice a year because they are so rich (and I might get tempted to eat the whole thing). You will never make another cake again after trying this Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake. This used to be a fall specialty, but my friends and family now ask for it as their birthday cakes. These Special Occasion Cinnamon Rolls might put you into a coma.


Organized Craft Room

I am a little embarrassed to show these pictures. But, since blogging is all about sharing (and sometimes over-sharing!) here it goes. Around the middle of November, things started to get really busy. My Etsy shop had a lot of orders and so did my wholesale accounts. I am not sure how many headbands rolled out my house, but it was a lot! During that time, I was working fast and furious and this is what happened to my craft room...

It turned into a disaster zone. I was cutting fabric onto the floor and not throwing it away. I had supplies strewn all over. I was working out of bins and then not really putting anything away. I kept telling myself, once I get caught up, then I will clean up. But as the mess kept building, I realized that the time "I saved" by not cleaning, was being used to search for things-- I couldn't find a thing in this mess.


Back to Market: Part 5 of the "Dream a New Dream" Series

New to Crafty Texas Girls? This post is part of a series called "Dream a New Dream". 
Take a peek and see what it is like to launch a wholesale children's accessory and apparel line.

 Phew! I feel like I have just given birth, or ran a marathon, or climbed a mountain. You might remember after Market wrapped up in October, I was feeling down. I booked a great contract with a large catalog for one of the outfits in my new collection, but my other sales were small. I hit "the wall"- should I walk away and quit. Or should I give it another try?


Cowgirl Up #50

Welcome to Week 50
The Cowgirl Up! 
Link Party!
1 Party, 5 Blogs  Our guest host this week is  
Yvonne of Stone Gable !

Hello everyone...or should I say HOWDY Y'ALL! I'm puttin' on my cowboy boots and doing the two-step, happy dance of joy to be an honorary host at COWGIRL UP this week! 

Thanks so much Linsey, Anita, Amanda and Samantha... the ultimate, upscale cowgirls!

I'm Yvonne... a northern girl with a big southern heart! So I feel right at home with the Texas gals!

My blog is StoneGable.


Going to BlissDom 2013!

 I feel so fortunate that I have been able to pursue things that make me 'come alive'. For the past three years, I have come to this blog and shared 3 to 4 posts each week. Posts about my home, my family, my small business, my projects, my crafts. I have found so much happiness and joy from writing, taking photos, and sharing with you.

So when I saw that a huge blogging conference, BlissDom, will be held right here in Grapevine, Texas this year, I was thrilled. BlissDom is a 'blog conference' -a three-day event where people who have 'come alive' from sharing creatively online congregate to socialize, learn and grow. 


A Big Girl Room: From Crib to Bed

Back in September, I went on a thrifting mission to find Maisy a 'big girl' bed. It was right before she turned three and as part of her birthday gift, we wanted to transform her nursery into a little girl room. Since we already had a beautiful white dresser (that actually belonged to Jeff when he was a child) I didn't want to buy a brand-new bedroom set. Instead, I wanted to find a 'vintage' bed to go with the vintage dresser. Several trips to the thrift store and I ended up buying this headboard. I liked the shape and details.
See all the headboards I found and tips for thrifting here.
  And after some 'heirloom white' paint. It was transformed-- and so was her room.


Goals, Resolutions- What To Do in 2013

The new year is in full swing and I have yet to make any resolutions. The past few years I have been full of goals for myself and goals for our home. Last January I even chose a word of the year. But this year, I couldn't really think of anything. I mean aren't they always the same? Be a good mother, wife, family member, friend. Exercise, eat healthy. Be nice to others.

Don't we all feel like this!?
Then at church on Sunday, I heard this quote and it caught my attention.
Found here


Cowgirl Up #49

Let's party!  
Welcome to Week 49
The Cowgirl Up! 
Link Party!
1 Party, 5 Blogs  Our guest host this week is  
Angie from Swede-Dreams !
Hello Cowgirl Up readers! I'm so excited to be sharing in the party today with the girls as your "honorary cowgirl"! I am a southerner and a huge fan of cowboy boots and country music, so I feel right at home here with you all. My name is Angie and I'm the author of Swede Dreams...life and style inspirations from a Swedish southern gal.

 The story of my blog began a little over a year ago when I was looking for another outlet to bring more recognition to my Etsy shop, Swede 13 Inspirations. It began as a way to showcase my love of all things vintage, my paintings and my photography.

 Keep reading to see the "Cowgirl Up Link party"


5 Ways to Decorate for Valentines Day

Love is in the air. The rush of Christmas and New Year’s is over, but February is on its way bringing promises of rich chocolates, red roses, and sweet handmade Valentines. I love to find easy ways to decorate for this fun holiday. Nothing over-the-top, just sweet and simple ways that will inspire my family to remember how much we love each other.

And since love is patient and January can be dull, I like to start gathering my ideas now. So take notes, here are my five of my personal best Valentine crafts for celebrating the day that is all about saying “I love you!”And the best part is, once you make them, you can use them year after year!

1. Valentine Wreath- Using one wire hanger from your closet, form it into the shape of a heart. Tie a small chalkboard, found at any craft store, to the top. You can use jute twine hot glued to the back of the chalkboard to attach it to the hanger. Then have your little Valentine write the word ‘love’ on the board. To finish the project, clip plain clothespins around your heart.


More Valentine ideas, click below!


Real Parties: Little Mermaid Birthday

Who doesn't love a Mermaid party? I have been to several of these 'under the sea' events, even shared a few right here on my blog, but I have never actually hosted one! With all the fun details, a Mermaid party might be in my future. Today, I am featuring my niece's 3rd birthday, hosted by my sweet sister-in-law Jenn.
Keep reading this post by clicking the link below. 


Cowgirl Up Link Party #48

Let's party! Welcome to Week 48
The Cowgirl Up! Link Party!
1 Party, 5 Blogs  Our guest host this week is  
KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms!
Yes, I suspect you've heard of her. She won the Country Living Blue Ribbon Blogger Award last year. 

Her entire home looks belongs in a magazine!!  Her blog is amazing, and I highly recommend you go check her blog for yourself.


Painted Brick Fireplace

I ran across this photo the other day and couldn't help but do a little 'before/after' collage. A few years ago, we had our entire home painted. After a bit of discussion, we decided to have the brick fireplace painted too. Honestly, it seemed risky at the time. But I think it is the best decision we made. Our fire place is now a focal point. The dark brown brick and the black mantle are a bit unusual- which is what makes them interesting.
These photos were taken just before I began my journey in home decor and blogging. Everyone needs a few good 'before' pictures. And for some reason, they are all during Christmas. I tend to take a lot of photos during Christmas :)
Please ignore my crazy bangs. Instead-notice the curtains-- when I finally found the 'right' ones, we hung them high! Add height to your room by getting those rods as close to the ceiling as possible.


Home Decor Trends for 2013

Home decor trends are a lot like fashion. Things can change quickly. But the classics always remain. When looking at the trends,  there are probably some things you like. And there are probably some you don't. As in fashion, just because something is popular or 'trendy' doesn't mean it is right for you. But it is fun to look, pin a few ideas, and maybe try to incorporate them into your home. Here are some of the most popular looks trending around the web for home decor in 2013.


1. Gold- After so much silver, looks like Gold is making a come-back. The good news, you can mix you metals. Update your home with a variety of metallic finishes. (And yes, the rumors are true, brass is now considered 'chic' again too!)

Source: houzz.com via Samantha on Pinterest



Best of 2012- Top Projects from CTG

Happy New Year! I hope you rang in 2013 surrounded by people you love. 

This past year has been such an amazing one for me creatively. I feel like I am getting a chance to truly pursue my passion. And this blog is such a big part of that- and you are too! Thank you for all your support this year. You have no idea how much I appreciate your reading, sharing, and commenting. 

I can't move forward in 2013 until we take a look back at 2012. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of the top 12 posts from 2012. These posts are the ones that had the highest views.
Do you remember these? 

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