Smells Like Roses

If you are from Fort Worth, then you probably know why the sweet smell of roses is still hanging in the air.

What a great way to start 2011- my Frogs won the Rose Bowl!!!

So what else will 2011 hold for me? My resolutions this year include:

-Savor the little moments with my girls- our 'chicken days' won't last forever.

-Spend as much time fussing over my husband as I do picking out my clothes :)
-Enjoy more time with our family- we are so lucky to have so much so close by.
- Run a bit more.
-Make a warm and loving home for my husband and children.

-And finally, I need to decorate our master bedroom!

 We just re-painted it last year. But now the decor part needs to be completed.

 I need a rug, maybe some new blinds, a cushion and pillows for the window seat.
 This lovely chair (which I literally found on the side of the road) needs to be re-covered.
And how do I handle drapes on this window?! Any ideas? I think I need to set out and do some research. Thank goodness I have a whole year :)

Oh and check back with me on Wednesday, I had a little adventure in antiquing.



  1. Go Frogs! Great goals! You are so cute in your purple. I 'll bet you guest we are transplanted Texans.

  2. *guessed- the medicine has taken over my spelling abilities.

  3. Oh, your projects/goals sound so fun. Good luck and congrats on your frogs! Wish I could say that about my Vikings. :D

  4. Your room is gorgeous already! Have a great year!

  5. Love your master bedroom its so spacious. Good luck with all of your goals and thanks for stopping by my blog today, come back again soon.

  6. Cute blog..I'm a Texas girl myself and stopped by to say Hi!! Congrats to TCU!

  7. "Spend as much time fussing over my husband as I do picking out my clothes". You made me smile and feel a bit of guilt too! That's such a good way to put it and my husband does deserve that much attention...

  8. I like your goals! Your bedroom is already beautiful, so I'm sure making it all come together will be fun. Stopping by from the Nester's party. Have a great year.

  9. I am loving your roadside find and would be thrilled with a bedroom that size!


  10. What a beautiful family you have! You have a great master bedroom space to work with, so I'm sure the final product will be amazing!
    Have a blessed New Year!


  11. My last home in Texas was in Keller. I was an interior decorator there before I moved to Australia. Did plenty of drapes for those windows. So fun. My favorite store; Calico Corner. Try them out. They have everything you need.


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