Smells Like Roses

If you are from Fort Worth, then you probably know why the sweet smell of roses is still hanging in the air.

What a great way to start 2011- my Frogs won the Rose Bowl!!!

So what else will 2011 hold for me? My resolutions this year include:

-Savor the little moments with my girls- our 'chicken days' won't last forever.

-Spend as much time fussing over my husband as I do picking out my clothes :)
-Enjoy more time with our family- we are so lucky to have so much so close by.
- Run a bit more.
-Make a warm and loving home for my husband and children.

-And finally, I need to decorate our master bedroom!

 We just re-painted it last year. But now the decor part needs to be completed.

 I need a rug, maybe some new blinds, a cushion and pillows for the window seat.
 This lovely chair (which I literally found on the side of the road) needs to be re-covered.
And how do I handle drapes on this window?! Any ideas? I think I need to set out and do some research. Thank goodness I have a whole year :)

Oh and check back with me on Wednesday, I had a little adventure in antiquing.

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