Looking for Treasure

Many of the east coast bloggers that I follow have amazing places to go thrifting and antiquing. Quaint wooden barns seem to be over-overflowing with shabby-chic painted furniture. Places like Lucketts, Virginia produce plush velvet settees accented with gold detailing.
Photos found here.
But here in Texas, we either find our 'gems' on the side of the road. Or we head to an antique mall...

I had so much fun looking at all the lovelies.
 My sister actually bought a few of these tea cups, to use for the tea cup candle craft.
 Is it wrong that I liked this poor little guy?
 And of course I found the desk that I spent all of last year looking for- but now am no longer needing.

Amanda and I were quite taken with this "really, real LV" purse. Asking price was a firm $150. But my hubby would only approve purchases of less than $100, being that it was so soon after Christmas. 

When I saw this gal, I remembered that I needed to find something similar to display my tutus. My price limit for this item was $30 or less- and of course she was $55. 
 Love these old Ball mason's jars.
 Isn't this sweet for spring. I might try and make my own version...

And then I found this!!! Only $20- so I bought her.

Texas isn't such a bad place to hunt for treasure after all :)


  1. OOH!! Good Job! We need to go to Round Top. Make it a girls trip!!

  2. Is that Montgomery Street? Thanks for stopping by!


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