Valentine Ideas

Confession: I still have my Christmas wreath on my front door.
Now to my defense, it is silver and 'could be' seen as just a pretty wintery wreath.

But I am thinking it may be time to let it go. So on to Valentine's Decor! Tip Junkie is featuring a whole boat-load of ideas. Here are some of my favorites.

I like these ideas, just a little bit of "love" for the inside of your home.

Yarn hearts, found here and here.

And while browsing those lovelies- I ended up over at Be Different- Act Normal. And I found all of these great ideas. Seriously, I got lost for about 45 minutes, just looking at all of her Valentine's ideas.

Think these would be 'show stoppers' at the class Valentine Party.

Normal suckers, with a funny twist.
Yumm- dark chocolate.

My girls love pancakes, these are a must for us.

And will someone please make this for me?!

Cute activity for the class Valentine party- a candy bracelet- complete with lots of ribbon.

And I think this is a very 'cool boy Valentine' - and those are rare.
I love browsing crafty decor blogs! Now it is decision time, what should I make?
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