Top Projects of 2010

What a year! I was bit hard this year by the decorating bug.  I found more uses for my hot glue gun than ever before.

And with that said... here is a look back at some of my favorite creative projects from 2010. I am linking up with Southern Hospitality and The Lettered Cottage for this post.
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Repainting/Redecorating our Home!
I actually blogged about the next few projects on my family blog. But this was a huge project! We had the entire house repainted. We got rid of all our red and yellow for tan, white, black and pops of turquoise.





Wing Back Chairs
We found this gorgeous pair on Craigslist. A trip to the fabric store and a good upholsterer turned them into statement pieces.

Cooking: Cake Balls and the Best Peach Cobbler Ever!!!
These are recipes that I found online. Over the past year they have become my 'specialties' :)
Super Bowl Party
Last year's game was big for us. My hubby is a die-hard Saints fan. So since we couldn't actually go to the game, we threw a great party. I even made my girls some cute shirts.

My Craft Room
Turning our guest room into a work space for me is probably my favorite project. It is amazing to have a space of my own. I love having everything organized!

The Chair Re-Cover
I spent months looking for just the 'right chair' for my desk. Finally, one appeared at a local antique mall. She just needed a little love.

The Vintage Cowgirl Party
Our sweet Maisy Lou turned one year old! So we celebrated with a big party. Lots of blue, florals, bunting, and pink cowgirl boots.

Rosette Headbands 
I started making these posh hair accessories this year too. I love them! Kinda vintage shabby chic.

Tutu Dresses
Oh how I love tulle! And this costume that I made for my little girl turned into lots of orders for tutu dresses- tinker belle dresses, pumpkin dresses, and flower girl dresses too.

The Mermaid Party
I can't take credit for this one- except for the headband :) But a friend/customer of mine threw an amazing party for her little girl. The details of this party are worth visiting again.

A White and Burlap Christmas
So it is all still hanging, but my Christmas decor this year was so fun to make. Since we had redecorated this year, all of my Christmas goodies needed to be re-done too. I started working on this in November...

What's in store for 2011? Follow me and find out!
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