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Well is has been quite a week already! My computer crashed and died. (Very traumatic!) But luckily I had everything backed up. So I this is my first post on my brand new MacBook Pro. SO happy to have a computer again :)

Now on to the good stuff. First, I linked up with the Lettered Cottage and the Nesting Place. Go check out all the awesome ideas for decorating your mantle and home for Christmas.

The Lettered Cottage

The Nester.com

Coffee Filter how-to found here.
Next, I wanted to show you some of the other Christmas crafts I made to decorate my own home.

Here is my little burlap wreath. SO simple to make. I took a coat hanger and 'opened' it. Then shaped it into a circle and pushed folded strips of burlap on it. The wreath took about 3.5 yards of burlap cut into 4 inch wide strips. To see photos of the step-by-step, check out my post here for all the details on how to make a burlap wreath. Then I added a silver ribbon and hung it on my china hutch.

More Christmas around the house...

 This year I also made an advent calendar for my girls. I did absolutely no sewing on this project. Just hot glue, felt, burlap and scissors. I didn't even measure anything- just eye balled it. I was pretty excited with the end result. Click here for the how-to.

Finally I added a few flowers to my tree to 'tie it into' the wreath on my mantle. I made the flowers using the same process as the wreath. But I glued them to an opened coffee filter. Then I hot glued a string to the back so I could tie them to a tree branch.

By the way, check out these fabulous glitter snowflakes! Wal-mart has some cute ornaments this year. These came in a box of 20 for $3. I just tied sisal twine to them and added them to our tree.

This 'mercury' acorn and glittery chapel ornament are also from Wal-mart. Might have to get a few more of those.  (I handmade the little felt birds a few years ago. Still loving my birds- even though they aren't made out of burlap- ha!)

This is the topper from our wedding cake! A fun way to remember our special day.

 A student made me this cookie ornament my first year teaching out of college. I have held on to it for years. It is probably my favorite ornament. So sweet! 

Do you have all your decorations up? It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


  1. LOVE! Your Christmas decor is so pretty. Love your black mantle. Is that your actual mantle or a shelf?

  2. Visting from TDC, beautiful tree and I love the ornament that the student made you, so sweet!

  3. Thanks! That is actually my mantle. We redecorated this year- went from red/yellows to beige/white/black accents. So we had the fireplace bricks that were pinkish, painted dark brown and the white mantle painted black. I was a bit scared to make my mantle black- but I love it now!

  4. OMG! Your flowers and your wreaths are gorgeous! Love, love, love it!

  5. OH the contrast of that dark brown fireplace with the white wreath is fabulous! So so pretty.

  6. Lovely decor! I especially love the mercury glass and who wouldnt love the cookie decoration, how sweet (pun intended) have a happy holiday!

  7. I LOVE the cake topper ornament. That is a wonderful idea. I also love all the white. Very elegant.


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