Advent Calendar- A "How To" Craft

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I love the look of this burlap advent calendar from Pottery Barn. It goes perfectly with my burlap stockings and neutral Christmas mantle.  But the $99 price tag was a bit much!

So I decided to craft my own calendar out of burlap, and use my 'pop' color- turquoise. I bought one yard of burlap from JoAnn's for $2.99.

Then I bought 6 pieces of felt (.29 each) in white, ivory, and turquoise. And I decided to do absolutely no sewing on this project. Glue gun only!

I folded over the top about 2 inches to make a nice rolled-hem. And I hot-glued it down.

On the bottom, I unraveled the burlap a bit to make a fringe.

The Christmas trees are made from one piece of felt each. I simply folded the felt and cut out a triangle. Then I added a stump and little felt star to the tops. White, clear and ivory buttons were glued on as 'ornaments'.

For the little pockets, I just horizontally divided a piece of felt into three equal strips. Then I cut each of those strips into sixths. This gave me 18 pockets. So I did the same again on another piece of felt- only using one strip- to give me a total of 24 pockets.

The numbers are hand- cut. I think this gives them personality :)

I ran a dowel rod through the top and then tied sisal twine to make the hanger.

The pockets are the perfect size for sweets, miniature ornaments, stickers etc . I slip candy canes and little cards inside. The cards are only on 'special days'- to alert my girls of fun Christmas activities such as "Christmas Parade", "Breakfast with Santa", or "Making Cookies with Grammy".

A fun way to count down the days til Christmas!

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