Christmas in July- "Sharpie Plates"

**Welcome to Crafty Texas Girls! From July 21-28, I will be joining 7 other bloggers in hosting "Christmas in July". For those 8 days, I will host 7 different guest bloggers who will share a new Christmas-themed project with you right here on Crafty Texas Girls. I hope you enjoy the "Christmas in July event" and find some great inspiration for your holiday decor. - Samantha**

Welcome to Day 5 of "Christmas in July" 
hosted by Cowgirl Up!

Sharpie Plates
I am Samantha from Crafty Texas Girls. I am so excited to share my fun and easy "Sharpie Plates" with you today!

Like any good crafter, I love finding 'vintage treasures'. And on a recent thrifting trip at our local Goodwill, I came across these pretty white plates. So for $6, I snatched up 4 coffee cups and 4 plates.

How to Make Your Own Sharpie Plates
Inspired by a project I found via Pinterest, I decided to use my 'new' plates and a Sharpie marker to create some Christmas dishes. 
One of my favorite color combinations is black and white, so I loved the contrast and simplicity of this project. I used a piece of tape to make a 'guide line'-- it helped me keep the letters straight. Then I free-handed some polka dots on the edge of the plate and on the mug. If you make a mistake, don't worry! Just use some fingernail polish remover to wipe away the ink.

Finally, I baked the dishes in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Then let them cool, they will be hot!
How to Use Your Sharpie Plate
When the holidays roll around, these plates can be used so many different ways!
-For serving Christmas breakfast
-On display in a Christmas vignette
-Or even filled with Christmas goodies and given as presents to the neighbors.
Be Creative 
 I loved making this funky mug. The doodle was inspired by this plate.

And my favorite dish ended up being this one, my daughter made it!

Is it December Yet? 
I can't wait for December to roll around so I can incorporate these plates into my Christmas decor.

See More Crafty Inspiration on my Tutorial Page
If you are a new reader, I hope you'll stop by and visit Crafty Texas Girls- my girls and I are always working on something crafty and fun. Check out the newly updated tutorial page for lots of great home decor, parties, sewing, recipes and family centered projects.  You can also find me on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

What would you make with a sharpie marker and some white dishes? What Christmas crafts are you excited to try this year? Stay tuned, "Christmas in July" continues tomorrow with my friend Missy from "Lookie What I Did"!

***UPDATE: A few of you have asked about wash and care for the Sharpie Plates.  Since it is a 'hand decorated' plate, I am going to hand wash them. If giving them as a gift, you may want to write 'hand wash only' on the back before you bake it. From what I have read, they are food-safe. But if you are worried, use them only for decorative purposes.

For Best Results:Use on porous dishes with a regular sharpie. If your dishes are heavily glazed, use an OIL BASED Sharpie. 

Trouble-Shooting: if your Sharpie ink does not set and washes off, try 'cooking' your project at 400 degrees-- since ovens vary, try a higher setting if you feel the ink is not setting properly at 350.

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