Staying Cool by the Pool

When we moved back to Texas in 2008, the main thing we were looking for was a house with a pool. Growing up in hot Southern summers, my sisters and I lived in the water. It was the only way to enjoy being outside without suffering heat stroke! So as we got ready to purchase a home, we were positive that we needed to find one with a pool.

 And as it worked out, we found a great house we loved with a nice pool. The pool had been built in 1997 along with the house. It had a Pebble Tec finish and was in pretty good shape. But, in 2010 after doing some updating on the inside of our home, we decided to spruce up the backyard too.

We had the blue spanish style-tile updated with a larger, modern gray tile. Then the the brick was replaced with flagstone.  My husband replaced the fence and spent countless hours on the landscaping. The changes made us feel like we had gotten a new backyard! And since we swim almost every day from May thru September, it was worth the investment.

So in honor of pools, summer, and lots of Texas heat, I thought we would take a 'visual journey' through some of my favorite pools from around the web. Maybe you'll find some inspiration for your outdoor living space.


 Which one is your favorite? How are you staying cool this summer?

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  1. Your pool is my favorite! Love all the updates you did! We are having a hard time keeping cool here in Indy as we are in the middle of drought, but visiting the local pools has helped! Enjoy your oasis!

  2. I love YOUR pool..thanks for the tour though. That balcony thing made me scared just looking at it..whoa!

    I am so excited to get mine...folks around here are martyrs and there are only about 4 pools in the whole county...I can't think of anything better to be in debt for!

  3. Lordy there is no way to pick a favorite. I would like to put two or three of them together to create an ultimate.


  4. Ooooh I'm green with envy!!!! Your pool is my fav too. Its awesome xxx Nat

  5. I love your pool! Great renovation. I can't get over the pools on the balconies, but I don't know how I feel about it. I think I'd have to take some anxiety medicine to swim in one! HAHA!

    I'm partying with Tater Tots and Jello, but I've seen your cool blog several times. Glad to have another reason to visit! I'm a Texas gal, too!

    Beja (pronounced Beige+Uh)

  6. Thanks for sharing-we are actually putting a pool in starting next week. I've accepted the yard will be a disaster zone for a while but I'm excited to get to work landscaping once the pool is finished! Here from TT&J!

  7. Your pool looks great! We are in Arizona so I understand the need to find a home with a pool - I was the same way and we use it just about everyday from about April-Sept. It's the only way to spend anytime outdoors. I love your changes!


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