The Coffee Filter Wreath (A Christmas Craft)

After re-decorating the house this year,  I wanted my Christmas decor to get a bit of change too. Last year I decorated with lots of bright colors. My mantle was home to my nutcracker collection and bright red/lime green stockings. But this year, I wanted more neutral colors, natural items (pinecones, acorns, shells etc), and lots of white.

The wreath was the first step in this change. I am sooo excited about how it turned out.  A gorgeous wreath from such simple, inexpensive supplies.

You need an 18 inch straw wreath, a package of large coffee filters (250-275), and about 12 hot glue sticks. 
 Do the back first, fold the filters in a 'flowery' way and hot glue. I went around the outside on the back.

 Then I did the inside loop.
 Here is how it looks from the front.
 Frilly and gorgeous.
 Once I did the back, I turned it over and started on the front. I just worked in rows/loops around the wreath.
This is when I knew I would love this wreath!
 Done! It took me one 'nap time'- or about 90 minutes.

Since I had the wreath done, I decided to set-up my Christmas mantle.

Now I didn't get rid of my all my Christmas decor from last year. I did buy a few new things, but there was no huge spending spree! Instead I just chose to put things in different places and takes things from other rooms in my house.

I love the wreath against my painted brick fireplace.

The candlestick usually sits in the dining room and the bird is from my kitchen. Afton, Maisy and I have been busy collecting acorns from our yard for the past few weeks.
 I mixed in some shells from our North Carolina beach trip. The mercury vase is usually by the tv. But that cone is new- $3 from Hobby Lobby!!
 And I did make new stockings for my girls. Burlap with some ivory broadcloth ruffles- button 'monograms'. So sweet and simple.

And since the mantle is done... I did the tree too! But that is another post. Have a great weekend :)

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