"Outer Space Art" inspired by Creative Galaxy

Today I am sharing a craft that is 'out of this world' :) Ya'll know that one of favorite things to do with my kids is get crafty. Whether we are in the kitchen making a fun snack or breaking out the paints in the craft room-- I really enjoy being creative with my kids. It seems to bring out the best in all of us. And to be honest, sometimes playing with kids (whether its dolls, legos, "pretend" etc) is kind of hard! Which is why being creative together is so great. Artistic and creative projects allow you to spend quality time with your children and keep both of your minds stimulated :) 


TX Pinners Conference

I am always looking for something fun to do my girl friends- a special event or activity that gives a great excuse for a Girls Outing. A movie premier, a birthday dinner, shopping. I love getting time with friends. Which is why I am really excited about the TX Pinners Conference in September. It is a two day conference full of 'pinteresting' activities and speakers. Everything from home decor to fashion, cooking to make-up, fitness to crafts. This Conference has it all! And it is the perfect excuse for you to get your girl friends together for some fun.


Back to School Feast

So I mentioned that there were a few things that I really wanted to do before my girls went back to school. (See this post for all 5 ideas). And I am excited to say that I got one of the big ones done! I love, love, love the idea of a "Back to School Feast"- so I decided to do it!


Top 5 Back to School Ideas

I have about a million projects, crafts, snacks etc. that I would love to do for my girls before school starts. But you know-- that's just not going to happen. So I have narrowed down all the pins, saved links, and dog-eared magazine pages to these "Top 5 Back to School Ideas". (And I am giving myself grace, if I only get to one... well that's ok!)


Happy First Day of School

Some people have already headed back to school, others aren't going back until after Labor Day. And here in Texas, we start on August 22nd. Which means we have less than a week. Eeek! Our summer has been so fun, busy, relaxing, crazy, and really hot. But I am ready to get back into our routine and start all of our fun fall activities. My girls will be in 1st and 5th grade this year. They can't wait to meet their new teachers and see who is in their class. I am excited for them! The First Day of School is a big deal. So I made a little "Happy First Day of School" gift to give to their teachers. 


DIY Crepe Paper Tassel Garland

Tassels have kind of taken over Pinterest and the craft world. I have at least 4 tassels necklaces (3 that I made myself!), one tassel bracelet, and several tassels that are literally hanging around the house on pillows and such. I thought that I had enough tassels in my life. But honestly... can you ever have enough tassels?? No. No. You cannot. So when I was prepping for my daughter's cheer camp decor (see this post) I decided to try making Crepe Paper Tassel Garland.

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