5 Ways to Wear Sequin Pants

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Our family spent lots of time celebrating, relaxing, and playing. And now we are on to New Year's Eve! One of my favorite things about the holidays is dressing up. I wore these black sequin pants for Christmas Eve. (I absolutely love these pants.) The front is sequined and the back is a stretchy spandex legging. Since the pants are so fancy-- I paired them with a simple tunic. After posting the picture on Instagram, I had lots of inquiries about the pants. So I thought it would be fun to do a post about sequin pants!


Easy Christmas Crafts: DIY Reindeer Candy Canes & Present Costume

Like everyone else, we are trying to pack in as much Christmas fun as possible this month. We have written letters to Santa, decorated the house, seen Christmas lights, and made a few crafts too. My favorites so far are these Reindeer Candy Canes and the Present Costume.


Sitting Room Makeover (Transitional Style)

Our sitting area has gotten a make-over over the past month. (You can read about it here.) In my recent search for chairs, I found out that my home decor style is now considered "transitional". Not traditional, not modern. But somewhere in the middle. Which describes most things about me. So with that said, here is a peek at some of the decor changes I have made recently.


5 Things NOT to do When House Hunting

It's that time of the year. The time when you reflect about your home and your plans for the coming year. For some- that may mean you are thinking about home improvement projects (we just did that with lots of paint!) And for others, it means buying a new home. The market in our DFW area is so strong right now. I have several friends who are actively looking, keeping their eyes open and (their homes ready) in case they find that perfect property. If you are one of those people, I know how you feel! This is our third home and I have learned so much about the home buying process. So keep reading-- because today I am sharing my top five tips of What "Not to Do" when House Hunting.


Christmas Decorations: Transitional Style

Fa la la la la.... our tree is up! It is truely the most wonderful time of the year. I love seeing my friend's Christmas trees, looking at Christmas decorations on Pinterest, and swooning over holiday trimmings in my favorite catalogs. There is just something about a beautifully decorated tree in a cozy home.  So today, I thought I would show you mine.  I am calling it "Christmas with the Conners"-- 'transitional' style :)


Elf on the Shelf Name Tags (Free Printable)

She's back! The Elf on the Shelf has landed! And whether you are a fan (or not) it's hard to ignore all the fun "Elf-ness" that can be found this season in stores and online. My girls were visited by our favorite Elf, Christmas Carol. And she has a new little friend- too. A special Elf just for Maisy. They are such a cute pair!  Like many of you, we named our Elves. The girls sat and thought of sweet names and that was that.

But this year, Afton was worried that although Carol was her elf's "Given Name"--it might not be her real "North Pole Name". So she wrote Carol a note that simply said "What is your real name?". 


Holiday Gift Guide for your Tween

----------------------------------------------------- Wondering what to get for your tween girl? You've come to the right place! I recently took my girls shopping at Justice. We were on the look-out for Holiday party outfits and gift ideas. My girls have definite opinions about stylish clothing. (Spoiler alert: They loved everything at Justice!) My oldest girl is a tween- that in between age- no longer a little girl and not quite a big girl either. And my youngest seems to be six going on sixteen!


8 Stylish Gifts for Women

Girl friends, sisters, moms, adult daughters-- here are my favorite "on trend" gifts for the stylish ladies in your life.  Part of this list is made up of things I own and love. (Think Oprah's favorite things-- but written by a stay at home mom). And the other half are items that I would love to own :)


Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars & More

Our friends hosted a Thanksgiving party on Saturday-- it was a Friendsgiving Party. A Friendsgiving is a fun way to celebrate being thankful, with your friends! The food at Friendsgiving Party is the same as a traditional Thanskgiving meal. But instead of one person being in charge of the entire meal, it is pot-luck style. I signed up to bring a dessert. After a quick Pinterest search, I settled on Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars. I liked that they were a traditional 'pumpkin' dessert- but with a twist!

Photo & Recipe via Roxana's Home Baking 


Make It Yours

There is something about the upcoming holiday season that makes me want to get our house 'spruced' up. (I actually think it started with that new painting in my sitting area.) But it is also because I know we will be hosting family and friends in our home soon. And I want everything to look its best :)

So I have a list of things that I am hoping to get done. And you know what they say about goals- you are more likely to complete them if you share them publicly. That way people will hold you accountable. I am hoping you will be my people! (Who knows, my list just might inspire you to make your own!)


Washi Tape Crafts

Recently, I was sent the new Washi Tape Crafts: 110 Way to Decorate Just About Anything by Amy Anderson to review. My daughters and I played around with the book - it includes not only ideas, but 10 rolls of tape too! Looking at the book, I kept thinking, "Where was washi tape when I was kid?!". It is such a simple way to craft without making a mess. And it can be done by almost anyone.

Photo via Washi Tape Crafts 


Behind the scenes of a Musical Parody: "Somebody to Love"

Whoever said cleaning with kids in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos was right! Sometimes keeping the house clean (while maintaining a loving home for you family) can be a challenge. Which is why, when I was approached this summer by Laughing Moms (aka Alisha and Eden) to be part of a video parody about clean carpet--- I immediately accepted!

To see the video click herehttps://youtu.be/BOFz0psbGtI


Work in Progress and New Art

I am not one of 'those people' who moves right from Halloween to Christmas. (No offense if you are!) I just need a little breather in between holiday decor. So on the morning of November 1st, I pulled down all my Halloween decorations and put it in a box. It felt good to have a clean slate in my home again. And it inspired me to move a few things around. I love the feeling that comes from moving around things you already have. This is a 'work in progress' post, so bear with me :)


Red Ribbon Week: School Decorations

It takes such a community of people, all working together, to make a school great. I am proud to say that our school has a group like that. People who volunteer and give of their time, selflessly, to make things better for our kiddos. This week, our district is celebrating Red Ribbon Week to raise awareness and educate students about drugs. And to kick-off the week, volunteers at our school decorated the entire campus to go along with the theme "Life is Sweet, Drug Free".


3 Ways to Update Your Bedroom for Fall

When the seasons change from summer to fall, I always get the itch to make my home feel a bit more cozy. In the family room, I added several pumpkins and a little burlap bunting. So my next project was to make our master bedroom feel a little more like fall.


Pumpkin Carving with a Power Drill

Maisy picked out two little pumpkins on our recent Kindergarten field trip. And since she brought them home, she has been begging to carve them. Have you ever carved a little pumpkin? They are tough! Those 'shells' are thick and the surface area is tiny. Just getting your hand into one is a trick! So we decided to forgo the 'pumpkin carving' knives (after two broke) and break out the drill.


DIY Rosette Cake (Posh Puppies in Paris theme)

My sweet Maisy Lou turned six last week. And this year, I felt like making the cake myself! So that's what I did :)

Maisy's birthday theme was  "Posh Puppies in Paris"-- it went along with the Fashion Runway party package that we ordered at Sweet & Sassy. I knew I wanted her cake to be girly, pink, and a little 'over the top'.


Grandpa Rocks (Retirement Party)

My Dad recently retired. He has worked hard his entire life, so I am thrilled he gets to relax and enjoy life on his own schedule now. To celebrate this career, we had a little family party at my house. And since I can't do a party without a theme... I decided to call this the "Grandpa Rocks" Retirement Party!


Simple Fall Decor + DIY Polka Dot Burlap Bunting

The first official day of Fall arrived and as much as I was trying to resist--- I broke down and bought some pumpkins. (Target!!) I have a few Halloween decorations in the attic that I will bring down once the calendar flips to October. But until then- this is me getting 'festive'.

The bunting is a DIY project that took about 10 minutes.


Fall Make-Up Review: Allure & ButterLondon Polish (GIVEAWAY)

It's time for another installment of my favorite Fall Make-Up! Today I am sharing a new polish - it is created by Allure and ButterLondon. The group is called "Arm Candy" and it is a limited edition collection of high gloss nail lacquers. 

After wearing hot pink, turquoise and purple polish all summer, this group of fall shades is refreshing. It has me dreaming of plaid scarves, cable knit sweaters, and ankle booties! 


Visit San Francisco (with Kids)

This summer we took a trip to San Francisco. We were in the Northern California area for an entire week- our trip took us from San Fran to Sonoma to Sacramento and back to San Francisco. I am excited to finally share the photos, places, we stayed and food we ate :) Links to these places are included in the post- just in case you are planning to visit this area too! My husband spent almost a year planning this trip, and I have to say it was my favorite "Conner Family adventure" so far!


Fall Make-Up Review: Younique 3D Fiber Lash+

I am excited to share a few of my fall favorites for make-up with you. Today, it's all about mascara! I have talked about mascara so many times, because it is my favorite make-up (right next to lipstick!)

The people of Younique are back with a new formula of the 3D mascara. This one is called 3D Fiber Lashes+.  If you have used their mascara before ( or remember this post)-- you know that you get two tubes. One is the 'transplanting gel' and the other tube is the '3D fibers'. I think the transplanting gel is smoother in this new version. The fibers seemed to be better too- I didn't get clumps on my lashes or have any flake off into my eyes. The application is easy- coat once with regular mascara, coat once with the 3D Plus transplanting gel, coat once with the fibers, seal it with one final coat of the transplanting gel. I did curl my eyelashes before application, but there is a bit of a lift to this new formula too.


Super Girls: Mother Daughter Retreat

On Sunday, we hosted our second Mother-Daughter Retreat at White's Chapel. The theme of the event was "Super Girls". The retreat included lunch, a photo booth, games and crafts.
A talented group of ladies worked together for months to make it all happen. And I am proud to say I got to help with the planning, leading one of the crafts, and serving as the featured speaker. It was a big day!


DIY How to Make Flower Crowns

I have been adoring flower crowns on Pinterest for awhile now. They are beautiful on littles and sophisticated on women. I have seen flower crowns everywhere from weddings to music festivals, photo shoots to a playdate with friends. So I finally decided to spend an afternoon making them with my girls. They are really quite simple and oh-so-hippie-chic.

The supplies needed are: 
-Floral wire (I like this kind that is pre-wrapped) but the plain green works well too.
-Silk flowers (or real!) of your choice
-Floral tape
-Wire cutters

And these are the final products. 

Directions for creating your own Flower Crowns

1. Using two pieces of floral wire, measure your head and then twist the ends to create the hoop. Cover the raw twisted pieces with floral tape to secure.

2. Cut apart your flowers using the wire cutters. I pulled the greenery from the floral bunches out and attached those to the hoop first. It makes a nice 'base' for the flowers.

3. Attach the flowers using more floral tape. Repeat until you are satisfied with the final look.

Love this project? Me too! Which is why I am so excited to lead a group of 100 women in making them! The flower crown is just one of the fun activities we have planned for the "Super Girls Mother Daughter Mini-Retreat" hosted by Whites Chapel UMC on September 13th.

I am thrilled to be speaking to the group about ways mothers and daughters can connect and then sharing this beautiful craft with them. Say a prayer that it all goes well and that Jesus works through us to touch the hearts of the sweet mothers and daughters in attendance.


Have a great week!

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"Snickers & Joy" Teacher Treat Idea

At the beginning of the school year, I think everyone needs a little extra TLC. Kids, parents, teachers-- we are all feeling the stress of early mornings, busy afternoons, and late evenings. I have noticed my kids have needed more snuggles this past week and half. Which made me think, that our teachers (who are with our kids all day) might need a little extra sweetness too. So I made goodie bags for each staff member!

I saw a similar treat idea on Pinterest and it inspired me to make my own version. (Click here to see the original idea via the fabulous Lil' Luna.) I used her phrase "Hope your school year is full of snickers and joy!" and added it to these cute blank ziploc bag labels.  The labels (designed by Tatertots and Jello) are a blank download (click here)- so you could add whatever phrase you want.
Or you can use the ones I made- that have the wording on them! Just print, cut and add to baggies stuffed with Almond Joy and Snickers. I used leopard washi tape to affix the labels to the bags. (You could print the labels on actual 'Avery Labels' and then they would already be sticky!)

I hope that we all have a year full of snickers and joy. Love and laughter make adjusting to these long days so much better! (Photo via Instagram @craftytexasgirl - come find me on IG!)

>>>>>>To print my "Snickers and Joy" treat bag labels for free, simply click here.
Hope you area having a great week!

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Emoji Photo Booth for the Yahoo Boohoo Breakfast (+ Free Printables)

My sweet girls both started school on Monday. I am officially 'home alone'. I am not quite sure what I will do after I clean house, workout, and walk the dog. Who knows?! But I was about to cry my eyes out on the first day of school.

Thankfully, I was hosting the annual PTA Yahoo Boohoo Breakfast for all the parents, right after drop-off. And nothing makes you forget your 'troubles' like serving others. There were lots of new families and so many of my 'old' favorites.  I am so happy to be serving as Hospitality Chair again and I have a really awesome co-chair and committee that has already made my job so fun!

For the breakfast, we used the decorations from the "Teacher Back to School Luncheon" (see here) and added in lots of tissue boxes/mini tissue packs (for the bohoo) and party blowers (for the yahoo). We also served light munchies. The food included coffee, juice, water, strawberries, mini bananas, mini muffins, and donuts.

I should have taken this photo before everyone ate-- just imagine that all the platters are full of food :) 

I advertised the event with these signs. They were posted around school and on our facebook page.

To help people mingle (and because I love to take party pics!) I made these emoji signs.

They were great conversation starters. I walked around the breakfast and asked people to pick an emoji sign that matched their current mood. Either 'yahoo' or 'boohoo'. (I am a big fan of emojis. I know that I should use 'real words' in my texts but I like to use pictures.)

Getting together with others is the best way to start their school year! (People need people!)

If you would like to use the Emoji signs at your school, 
please feel free to download & print using the link below! 

Yahoo/Boohoo Breakfast Photo Booth Signs:  Click here to print
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