DIY Shrinky Dinks

My newsfeed on Facebook has mostly become food and craft videos. With the current political climate, there seem to be less and less posts about cute babies and the happenings of family life. So I have 'hidden' all the angry posts... which has left me with lots of DIY videos! Basically my FB feed looks like Pinterest! No complaints there right? :) One of the videos that caught by eye recently was "DIY Shrinky Dink" post. I grew up making shrinky dinks. My mom always provided me with lots of outlets for crafting and creating. And some of my favorite 'early craft' memories with her include making shrinky dinks. So of course, I had to try this out with my girls.


"Fancy Lunches" for Kids (fake it til you make it!)

Do you know anyone who makes beautiful bento lunches for their children? Lunches full of fresh veggies, hand-crafted sandwiches, organic fruits... all arranged so artfully they need to be photographed? Well that isn't me! My girls prefer Cheetos, a PBJ sandwich, a few strawberries and a little bit of chocolate. But even if you are a 'lunchable mom'-- you can still up your 'lunch box game'. I have rounded up 4 ideas for creating "Fancy Lunches" for Kids and because I like to keep it real, they are easy!


I Didn't Kill It (Caring for a Fiddle Leaf Fig)

I am such a bad gardener. Every plant in my house is fake. But a good fake (So good that my husband spent 6 months watering one of them before I noticed and told him to stop.) Oh I have seen thousands of pinterest photos- chic homes filled with living plants, but I knew better. I knew that a living plant wouldn't stand a chance under my care.

Until I met Lucy. I spotted her in the middle of my local Home Depot and for some reason, I decided to give her a shot. For $30 I figured the worse that could happen would be that I killed her. And since Home Depot has a 'plant guarantee'-- well, then all would be forgiven.


Snowing on the Sun & Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Cookies

Living in Texas is a lot like living on the Sun. The summers are scorching hot. And the other seasons... are pretty much non-existent. I am not complaining, I really do prefer to warm. I am not used to being cold and I don't own much cold weather gear. (Besides the random gloves I bought at the Dollar Spot at Target and my collection of cute plaid scarves that every girl seems to own.) So we were all surprised to get a dusting of snow on January 6th.


So it's a New Year--- Now What?

It's 2017. We celebrated the arrival of the new year at a friend's house. The New Year is always confusing to me. We get all excited about getting a 'new year', a fresh start!!!! But after the champagne toasts are over and the confetti is swept away... what happens next? Now what are we supposed to do?

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