DIY Shrinky Dinks

My newsfeed on Facebook has mostly become food and craft videos. With the current political climate, there seem to be less and less posts about cute babies and the happenings of family life. So I have 'hidden' all the angry posts... which has left me with lots of DIY videos! Basically my FB feed looks like Pinterest! No complaints there right? :) One of the videos that caught by eye recently was "DIY Shrinky Dink" post. I grew up making shrinky dinks. My mom always provided me with lots of outlets for crafting and creating. And some of my favorite 'early craft' memories with her include making shrinky dinks. So of course, I had to try this out with my girls.

You can still purchase shrinky dink kits (I linked some Shrinky Dinks here and Shrinky Dinks Jewelry here) but if you are in the mood to create some without running to the store or hitting up Amazon, I bet you have most of the supplies in your kitchen.

DIY Shrinky Dinks:
-Red Solo Cups
-Colored Sharpie Markers
-Mod Podge/Paint Brush

This video tutorial and idea is via Nifty. I found it on Facebook and my girls and I were excited to try it out.

Step 1: Cut the bottom off your red Solo cups. Use Sharpie markers to color a shape. Big, simple, bright illustrations seem to work best.

Step 2: Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 2-3 minutes. Flatten with a smooth surface.

Step 3: After cooling, apply a layer of Mod Podge to seal the artwork. Let dry. Attach a pin to the back to wear it on your jacket, bag or hat.

(Note: We experimented with using the side of the cup too, but the plastic was too thin and when it shrunk the illustration was too distorted. The bottom of the cup was the only part that worked for us. But feel free to be creative- who knows what other plastic containers you can find in your recycling bin that might work!)

And since I am sharing an 80's inspired craft, it might make you laugh to see this photo. My husband and I were invited to an "80's Prom" theme party to celebrate our friend's 40th birthday. I borrowed this awesome 80's prom dress from my friend and Jeff got to live out his dream of being a long-haired heavy metal rock star. It was a great night.

Weren't the 80's the best? No Facebook or social media political drama. Just people having fun and using too much aerosol hair spray :) If you are getting bogged down with political mayhem-- just do what I do. Hide everything crazy and focus on crafts & recipes. A creative life is a happy life.
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