Red Ribbon Week: School Decorations

It takes such a community of people, all working together, to make a school great. I am proud to say that our school has a group like that. People who volunteer and give of their time, selflessly, to make things better for our kiddos. This week, our district is celebrating Red Ribbon Week to raise awareness and educate students about drugs. And to kick-off the week, volunteers at our school decorated the entire campus to go along with the theme "Life is Sweet, Drug Free".


3 Ways to Update Your Bedroom for Fall

When the seasons change from summer to fall, I always get the itch to make my home feel a bit more cozy. In the family room, I added several pumpkins and a little burlap bunting. So my next project was to make our master bedroom feel a little more like fall.


Pumpkin Carving with a Power Drill

Maisy picked out two little pumpkins on our recent Kindergarten field trip. And since she brought them home, she has been begging to carve them. Have you ever carved a little pumpkin? They are tough! Those 'shells' are thick and the surface area is tiny. Just getting your hand into one is a trick! So we decided to forgo the 'pumpkin carving' knives (after two broke) and break out the drill.


DIY Rosette Cake (Posh Puppies in Paris theme)

My sweet Maisy Lou turned six last week. And this year, I felt like making the cake myself! So that's what I did :)

Maisy's birthday theme was  "Posh Puppies in Paris"-- it went along with the Fashion Runway party package that we ordered at Sweet & Sassy. I knew I wanted her cake to be girly, pink, and a little 'over the top'.


Grandpa Rocks (Retirement Party)

My Dad recently retired. He has worked hard his entire life, so I am thrilled he gets to relax and enjoy life on his own schedule now. To celebrate this career, we had a little family party at my house. And since I can't do a party without a theme... I decided to call this the "Grandpa Rocks" Retirement Party!

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