Salad Bar Teacher Luncheon

Our Hospitality Committee has been hard at work! Last week we hosted a luncheon for the teachers at our school. I decided to go with the "Hello Sunshine" theme since our staff makes every day at school sunny :) And because every teacher loves a good salad, we set up a yummy salad bar too!

I found my inspiration for the Salad Bar idea at Sara Robbins.com. Her salad bar is a lot more fancy than ours, but the results are the same. A yummy DIY salad. I like this idea for school luncheons, showers, or a family dinner. You can vary the ingredients based on your guests. Vegetarians, meat eaters-- there is something for everyone!

Via Sara Robbins.com


21 Crafty Valentine Projects

It's Valentines week! So today I am sharing a round-up of my favorite Valentine projects. Lots of ideas for parties, decor and things to give.


Crafty Valentine's Party

When it comes to Valentine's Day, the crafting options are unlimited. Handmade cards, creative Valentine's boxes for school, cute 'love' decorations for the home, and adorable confections that are 'almost' too pretty to eat. There are so many fun things to make for Valentine's-- it's hard to fit it all in on February 14th! So this year, I decided to host a "Valentine's Crafty Party" for my girls. I invited over a few of their friends, stocked up on red paper hearts, yummy treats and then the fun began...

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