Keep Calm!

I am in love with those "Keep Calm and Carry On" type signs. So I was delighted when a crafty friend sent me a link to print holiday themed ones.

If you are still needing something for your Thanksgiving decor, try these:

I won't be using them this year (since my house is already in Christmas mode!) But I think I will print them as 8x10's at Costco and display them like this next year.
You can download all the images above by going here.

And if you are one of *those* people (like me- who are ready for Christmas decor!) take a look at these:
Another one you can print and frame. Find it here.
White, silver and sea shells- gorgeous! Seen here.

Look at the stockings hanging on the right, adorable! See them here .
My favorite- so much white! Seen here .
Polka dots :) Seen here.

Fabulous- found here.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


The Coffee Filter Wreath (A Christmas Craft)

After re-decorating the house this year,  I wanted my Christmas decor to get a bit of change too. Last year I decorated with lots of bright colors. My mantle was home to my nutcracker collection and bright red/lime green stockings. But this year, I wanted more neutral colors, natural items (pinecones, acorns, shells etc), and lots of white.

The wreath was the first step in this change. I am sooo excited about how it turned out.  A gorgeous wreath from such simple, inexpensive supplies.

You need an 18 inch straw wreath, a package of large coffee filters (250-275), and about 12 hot glue sticks. 
 Do the back first, fold the filters in a 'flowery' way and hot glue. I went around the outside on the back.

 Then I did the inside loop.
 Here is how it looks from the front.
 Frilly and gorgeous.
 Once I did the back, I turned it over and started on the front. I just worked in rows/loops around the wreath.
This is when I knew I would love this wreath!
 Done! It took me one 'nap time'- or about 90 minutes.

Since I had the wreath done, I decided to set-up my Christmas mantle.

Now I didn't get rid of my all my Christmas decor from last year. I did buy a few new things, but there was no huge spending spree! Instead I just chose to put things in different places and takes things from other rooms in my house.

I love the wreath against my painted brick fireplace.

The candlestick usually sits in the dining room and the bird is from my kitchen. Afton, Maisy and I have been busy collecting acorns from our yard for the past few weeks.
 I mixed in some shells from our North Carolina beach trip. The mercury vase is usually by the tv. But that cone is new- $3 from Hobby Lobby!!
 And I did make new stockings for my girls. Burlap with some ivory broadcloth ruffles- button 'monograms'. So sweet and simple.

And since the mantle is done... I did the tree too! But that is another post. Have a great weekend :)


Playing Sublimely

Remember when I re-did my craft room? Well lots of inspiration came from my favorite blog buddy- Amy over at  "Playing Sublimely".

Recently she ordered some headbands for her adorable little girls. Click here to see the post and to check out Amy's blog. She is the kind of girl you want to know- adept at decorating, sewing, thrifting, crafting, plus a loving Christian wife and mother!

And did I mention- she has the cutest daughters.  I need to hire these girls to do my modeling!

Oh and I finished my 'coffee filter' wreath. It is gorgeous! I will post pics of it once I get my mantle set up- you need to make one of these.
from the Nester



I have been busy making these

and these

But now I am getting the urge to do some home decor projects. Something like this

Jordin made a 'knock-off' of this-see here
or  this...
The Nester did this- see here

Or maybe a little Christmas project...
Jones Design Company- see here
Afton and I have been busy collecting acorns outside.

Now what will we do with them?

Make and Takes- see here


"Crafty" gift idea for Dragon Fans

If you are a local, then you know the allure of Texas high school football. 

Which is why I was so excited to hear from my friend Cristi (who is the amazing lady behind SouthlakeMoms.com-- check it out!)

Cristi's husband Jay and her son Eric- both huge football fans- got Crafty in the garage. And look what their hard work produced....

A Carroll Dragon Light!

Eric is so excited to work with Dad on this project. And Jay has promised his son 'a cut' from each light sold :)

Lights are available in two different sizes: 

-Small 2x2 for $125 (show in picture)
-Large 3x3 for $200
These would make a great Christmas gift for any Dragon fan. I love the fact that these are handmade by a father-son team. See---- boys can get into crafts too!

To order contact Cristi at  cristihout@verizon.net
NOTE: These are hand and home-made.  No guarantees or returns. They are currently working on licensing agreement with the district but are taking orders now for Christmas.


A Mermaid Party (this mom got Crafty!)

A lucky little girl got to have a mermaid party. I made her this cute little headband to wear on her special day...

I say she is lucky, because look at the gorgeous party that her momma put together. Now this is a Crafty lady!!

She made mermaid tails for all the little girls to wear.

The boys got homemade scuba tanks.

A table of treats for the little guests.

The backyard was filled with 'mermaid themed' activities.

A giant water slide.

A sand box filled with treasures, each child was given a special bucket to collect them in.

A treasure chest filled with jewels and pearls. 

Sand art and decorating sparkly fish too!

Thanks so much for sharing your 4th birthday with us- what a wonderful, Crafty party!

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