Crafty Party Idea- Karate!

I love when moms get creative with birthday parties. We recently went to a Karate party for a boy in Afton's class. The party was held at a Karate studio. The kids all participated in an hour long class and then enjoyed snacks, cake and favors. 

I was so impressed with the class. The instructor really focused on fun, manners, following directions, and physical activity.

The best part of the party was the Crafty food. The birthday mom made 'kid friendly sushi' using rice krispie treats, fruit roll-ups, and gummy worms/fish.

 Aren't those the cutest?! I found directions for making them here. Very simple and yummy.

The kiddos of course loved them. She also served fruit kabobs, CFA nuggets, and a cake shaped like a karate gi. And the party favors were tucked inside little 'take-out' boxes!

On top of each box were two pencils tucked in a little envelope, made to look like chop sticks. Inside the box was a little package of the candy sushi, stickers, two bracelets, and karate silly bands.

Afton and I were impressed! What a fun, Crafty idea for a boy's birthday party.


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