The Truth about 3D Fiber Lashes

Ok, I am going 'off topic' today and sharing something other than home decor and crafts :) Today I am talking about eyelashes!

If I had to choose only one make-up to apply each day, it would definitely be mascara. I am an eyelash girl. I have been known to wear fake eyelashes for Mardi Gras and both my sisters' weddings. The truth is, if I could wear fake eyelashes everyday-- I totally would! I think I have good eye lashes, but I love the look of over-the-top eyelashes. The kind of eyelashes that almost eliminate the need for any other make-up.

My friend Stephanie is a rep for Younique and she contacted me about trying the 3D Fiber Lashes. I have seen several people post on facebook about them, but I was honestly a bit skeptical. My lashes are pretty good. Would the 3D Fiber Lashes be that much better? Would they make my eyes itch? So being a 'mascara loving' girl, I decided to give them a try.

People-- I am hooked. I LOVE them. In the past, I applied coats upon coats of regular mascara to try and get the 'eyelash look' I was searching for. Now I can apply just ONE coat of the 3D Fiber Lashes and BOOM! Pretty, long, soft lashes.

I watched this video (here) before applying them the first time. Basically it is just two tubes, one is a gel, the other is the fibers. Coat your lashes with the gel and then 'blink' the fibers on. Seal the fibers with the gel. And you are done. They last all day and then come off easily with your regular cleanser.

Honestly, they remind me of those beautiful lash extensions that people get-- but the 3D Fiber Lashes are only $29 for a two month supply!

So there you go-- the truth about 3D Fiber Lashes according to a Crafty Girl :) If you want to order some, head on over to Stephanie's website HERE. I can honestly say, they are worth a try. I will be re-ordering in two months!

PS-Yes I was given 3D Fiber Lashes to try for free, but the opinions are ALL my own! I love this product. If you decide you want to order a 2 month supply to try it yourself-- click on my 'party' here :) 

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