Work in Progress and New Art

I am not one of 'those people' who moves right from Halloween to Christmas. (No offense if you are!) I just need a little breather in between holiday decor. So on the morning of November 1st, I pulled down all my Halloween decorations and put it in a box. It felt good to have a clean slate in my home again. And it inspired me to move a few things around. I love the feeling that comes from moving around things you already have. This is a 'work in progress' post, so bear with me :)

I started with my dresser by the stairs. I wanted to simplify what I had on display. So I removed the flowers and switched out the lamp with one that I had in the sitting area by the kitchen. It feels more modern to me now. (See my "house tour" for more pics by clicking here.)

Then I moved into my kitchen. Since our home is 'open concept'- we use our breakfast nook as a sitting area not an eating area. We have all our family meals at the dining room table or at the counter, so there is no need for a traditional kitchen table in this spot. I have had the wall in this area decorated the same way for several years. But it is time for a change! I pulled the plates, mirror and shelf off the wall in the sitting area. (My husband followed behind me with spackle and paint. God bless husbands!!)

I wanted to make room for this gorgeous new painting we purchased at a charity event in Fort Worth a few week ago. The artwork is done by Kristen Dowd and I am beyond thrilled that we were able to purchase this piece. (Check her out on IG @gyspysoulint - I love seeing how people incorporate her art into their interior styling.) Not only is this painting amazing, but the funds raised from the painting and the event go to support the Dream Park that is being built in Fort Worth to honor the memory of our friend Tim Watson.

This sitting area is a major work in progress. But I wanted to show you the 'in between' stage that comes when you redecorate. Right now I am just stacking everything on this table until I decide where it will all go...

I am also repainting this bamboo table that was previously upstairs. I want to nestle it between the two wing back chairs in the kitchen sitting area. I think the high gloss white will be a good contrast to the cow hide rug in that room. (See more photos of my kitchen sitting area here.)

And I kept a little fall decor out. This metallic pumpkin is on my dining room table. Because after all- it is November!

I will keep you posted on my 'work in progress' projects. Hopefully I can pull them all together before Christmas!

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