Dream a New Dream: Moving to An Island

On Wednesday afternoon I was ready to quit. I told my husband I was shutting everything down and moving to an island. Do you have an island? I am in the market for one. A place where everyone rides bicycles, has gardens and only works for what they need. The homes are simple- no elaborate decor- just sweet, comfy shelters. Their clothes are plain and limited to three styles. The jobs are all clean and honest- fishermen, farmers, bakers. And everyone would read, write, and paint. Sounds lovely doesn't it? *Sigh*.

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But then my husband reminded me that I don't have an island, so for now, I have to make do with where I am. *Double Sigh*

If you follow a dream, there will be hills, mountains, and pits. There is no way to avoid them. And that stinks!

When I started my clothing line, I promised to share the journey (both the fun and the not-so-fun parts!) And although I am generally a positive person, there are times when I have hard time seeing the silver lining. Wednesday was that day for me.

Overall, my first season has gone well. I got a really big catalog order!! And a few small orders from boutiques. Those small orders along with the idea that there are SO many cute little girls clothing in the world got me feeling pretty low. So low, I just shoved everything in the closet and said "I am done". The world doesn't need more clothes.  And designing, manufacturing, selling them is too hard.

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The point of this story: When you take a chance and follow a dream, things are going to get hard. When they do, take a break. So, I slammed my closet shut, turned off the computer, and took my kids trick-or-treating. Our night was filled with sweet friends, yummy treats, and lots of smiles.

 But today I opened the closet and looked again. Were things really SO bad?? My optimism kicked back in and I made a list of all things that were going right. And I decided to be a little nicer to myself. I am just beginning this journey. There are going to be a lot of things that "I can do better". It is not going to perfect over-night. So for now, I am back in it again!

An example of "things that are going right"... my first fashion show!!! 
Click over to the blog to see two of my styles on the Runway. Such a thrill to see little models showing off my clothes!

As I continue on my journey, I will probably pack my bags again and beg my husband to move with me to the island. But I guess that is all part of the journey. Following a dream is not easy. But today, I am feeling grateful for the opportunity to try.

What do you do when you hit a roadblock? How do you keep moving forward? 

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement today! I struggle with those days all the time with my business and it puts me in a funk. My "island" is actually begging my hubby to pack up and move to Texas when my days are hard but him being from Queens, NY, that is a big .....Um...NO! ;) Hang in there, you are doing a great job and always remember the next day is a whole new one ;)

  2. Wow - I'm not launching a new clothing line but I am so. right. there. That's why i started doing the same thing with a blog hop called 30 days of Thankful and I would love for you to link this post up! In fact, I would love for you to help spread the word about the hop this month however you might be moved to!


    Chin up girl! It takes a few clouds to make a beautiful rainbow!

    Jen @ Don't Mess With My Tutus!

  3. Yikes! Sorry you had a bad day. I'm just still in the organizing, planning, thinking mode for my new business. I think there are ups and downs to a business and every day is not going to be up. Glad you are sharing your story here. You are inspiring me to move forward, even if you do have a bad day here and there.

  4. Well, if you DO ever find that island let us know! :) I'm sorry you were having a bad day, but don't give up on your goals! Your clothes are adorable (wished I had a girl!) and the orders will come rolling in. My husband told me (just today, as a matter of fact) that he remembered a quote from the ol' Donald Trump...something like "Successful people never gave up". Seems obvious enough, right? :)

  5. So great of you to share your "true," journey! I find it so inspiring, you speak to women everywhere who have a dream, and even though their dream may present itself in a different shape,than yours, they too will find comfort in knowing that they are not alone!

  6. Every part of your journey God uses to speak to different people- even or maybe even especially the hard parts! Your story lies in your journey not your destination. Thank you for writing and sharing! I love your blog!


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