Crafty How-To: Monogram Fall Rag-Wreath

Guest Post: Monogram Fall Rag-Wreath
Happy Friday! Today I am welcoming Jessica from "Sweat is My Sanity". I 'met' Jessica through the blog-world way back when. I love reading her blog and following her adventures in running and life with kids. She is witty, creative, and has a big heart. I was thrilled when Jessica agreed to be a guest here today. Take it away Jessica! 

Hi Y'all!
My name is Jessica and I blog about health, fitness and mommy life over at Sweat Is My Sanity. I'm so excited to be guest posting here at Crafty Texas Girls. I don't know about you but my November has flown by! I realized just yesterday Thanksgiving is next week, so I'm kickin' it into gear and finishing up some last minute projects.

This wreath is super quick, easy and fun to make. You can even get your kiddos to help if you'd like. After looking at several wreaths from my Pinterest board and noting what I had on hand, I came up with this version. The good news is, you can change it up to match any holiday. Use glitter on the letter for Christmas with colors to coordinate, or use spring fabric and such for Easter or whites and metallics for Winter/New Years. You can also decoupage fun scrapbook paper onto the letter for a different touch. It's very basic and fun to make.

For this fall version, you'll need the following...
  1. Spray adhesive
  2. Moss
  3. Strips of fabric (1" wide by 12-14" long)
  4. Foam Wreath (any type of wreath frame will do but this was the least expensive).
  5. Glue gun and glue sticks
  6. Ribbon and a long strip of burlap
  7. Wood letter
You should be able to find these supplies at your local Michael's, Hobby Lobby or Walmart.

Take your letter and spray the adhesive all over one side, apply pieces of moss to it, pressing down as you go. At first it seems it won't stick well enough but it does, especially as it begins to dry. Just press it every so often and add more squirts of adhesive and moss where needed.

You'll want to trim up the edges once your done adding moss, to make the letter more prominent.

Cut your strips of fabric, adjust length according to your wreath size. My wreath is rather small, maybe 12" wide so I cut my fabric strips approximately 1"x12". Then start tying them around the wreath rotating where the knots are to give it the full, even look. 

I probably used about a  1/2  yard of fabric.

Use your glue gun to adhere the letter to the wreath.

Apply ribbon and trim length accordingly.

Add more fabric strips if needed. I even added a few longer ones to make it look wider. Since I was using supplies I had on hand, I used a smaller wreath than I'd have liked, but it just depends on your mirror width or the look you're going for. I switched the wreath to this smaller mirror and put my other fall wreath on the bigger mirror and it made all the difference.

Once it was hung for a few hours, I went back and took some width off the burlap strip as shown below. It looks less top heavy this way...you just have to eyeball this sort of thing and sometimes even live with it for a minute. For all my fellow 'type A's' out there...if something is bugging you, you might as well fix it now or you know you'll lose sleep over it. :)

 There you have it!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
For more, check out Jessica's blog "Sweat is My Sanity"

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  1. Love it! I married into a talented gene pool! :) good job Jessica!


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