DIY Hashtag Bag {Kate Spade Inspired}

When people look back on the year 2014, I think they may laugh at our over-use of 'hashtags'. 

Whether you use them or not, hashtags (or as my husband likes to call them 'pound signs') are a  great tool used for categorizing information on social media. For example, if you are tweeting or posting instagram pics with the hashtag #disney, anyone searching for information on disney can access your post. And besides organizing info, they can also be funny. For some reason, hashtags let you say something you might normally not, they seem to be a good place for sarcasm...

So no matter what your opinion on hashtags, they are a part of popular culture. Which is why when I saw these Kate Spade bags, I instantly fell in love. Funny and stylish

And that's when I knew that I had to create my own! So for Mother's Day I made my mom a hashtag bag. She is a blogger too and uses Instagram etc, so I knew she would appreciate a little 'hashtag humor'. (If you follow me on IG, then you know all about my mom's green thumb!)

And when I was making her bag, I decided that this style bag would also be perfect for our 'Cookie Mom Appreciation' gift too... Actually this bag is a fun gift for anyone who loves pop culture. Your kid's teacher, your best friend, a college grad (you can see where I am going here. You need to make this!)

To create your own hashtag bag, just go to Hobby Lobby and pick up a tote bag. The size I got was only $3.99. Then I used some acrylic craft paint from Folk Art and iron-on letters. It's that easy!

Painter's tape helps you make a straight line with the paint. Be sure to press the tape on firmly so the paint doesn't seep through. I let mine dry for 24 hours before removing the tape.

There were no 'hashtag' signs in this kit. So I cut up some "L"s and "I"s to make the pound sign :)

The bags couldn't have turned out cuter! My mom's will be perfect for taking to bible study, the bag is the just the right size for holding books and journals.

And the cookie moms can use their bags for "Cookie University"- to tote around all the paperwork/receipts that come with being in charge of cookie sales.

If you are going to make a bag for someone, brainstorm things that they love or inside jokes you share. Nicknames, hobbies, blog names, company names, sports teams, adjectives-- they all make great hashtags. And as usual, share you craftiness-- I would love to see photos if you decide to create your own hashtag bag!

How do you feel about hashtags? #lovethem or #hatethem ???
#haveagreatweek #happymonday :)

Make this for your teacher! We did a #iTeach bag as an 'end of year' gift.

Or make it as a gift for everyone you know! These were done by "Mixin' Mom".

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