Build a Tree House

The majority of our backyard is pool and patio. On either side of the pool is a side yard. To the left, we have the pool equipment and a shed for the mower etc. To the right, is the trampoline and a beautiful cypress tree. A trampoline is not the most 'beautiful' yard accessory, but when your kids are young and bouncy-- it is a necessity. While watching them bounce one day, they called out 'we need a tree house'.

We laughed it off, but that one little comment planted a seed. A seed that grew into a sketch, that sprouted into a car load full of wood, that blossomed into a tree house.

My "carpenter" built this tree house for our girls. No plans, he just measured and built. I love that. The girls were outside with him the whole time, helping the best they could. And I could see on his face that he loved every minute of it.

He built this tree house like a pro! He included all things a kid would want in a tree house. He added ladder for climbing.  A slide for fast 'getaways'. He even put up a bucket with a pulley so the girls could send things up and down.

Pieces of wood from the construction process that could have been discarded, he saved. They have become one of the girls favorite toys-- simple wooden blocks. Because a wooden block has endless possibilities in the mind of a child.

The whole tree house is functional and still so visually appealing. Copper caps on top of the posts.

And here is the view from the house. The tree branches make the most beautiful canopy. The wind blows through the leaves and the girls feel like little birds, hidden away in a nest at the top of a tree.

When he was done he said, "Ever since I was little, I wanted to build a tree house. And now I finally got to do it. That will probably be the only tree house I will ever get to build."

Those words made me feel melancholy. How many things are there in life that we only get to experience once? Dreams that we thought might never happen-- and then one day they suddenly come true. "Tree house moments".  Small hopes from our childhood that we keep tucked away deep inside, buried under the busy life of an adult.

When I look at that tree house, I don't just see a place for our girls to play. I see the realization of a kid's dream. I see joy in the details. And it inspires me.

How many chances in life do you really get to 'build a tree house'?

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