Father's Day Photo Gift

Every year, my girls like to make a photo gift for Father's Day. It started awhile back, when we got creative and made a chalk photo for my husband. Since then, we have continued the tradition. And this year, the girls picked a 'beach' theme for our chalk art.

We went outside in the morning before it got too hot. I found a shady spot on our driveway and began to draw a beach scene (as instructed by my girls). Then I pulled out a 6 foot ladder, climbed on top, and the girls began to pose.

If you have never done this project before, here are a few things you should know.
-Draw and photograph in the morning, in the shade.
-Make your chalk drawing simple, but use bold colors.
-Google ideas for chalk art (cute ones include outer space, jungle, school, rainbows, prince/princess, sports, zoo, super hero.)
-Add some props: sunglasses, swimsuits, goggles, hats etc. (depending on your theme)
-Lying on the ground is a bit uncomfortable, warn your kiddos!
-Work quickly and take a lot of photos- that way you have lots of options!

 Our original idea was for both girls to be on surf boards. But the difference in heights made it difficult for me to capture them both. (I would have needed a much taller ladder!) . So Maisy ended up climbing a coconut tree. Which turned out really cute!

A lot of the "magic" happens in editing. I don't have any fancy Adobe Photoshop skills. But I can use PicMonkey pretty well. The site is free, but I pay a little extra to have access to the 'royal' features. Worth every cent! I played with the brightness, color saturation, contrast, and then I added more color to the chalk drawings using the 'lip color' feature. The tool is really to add color to lips, but since you have entire rainbow, I used it to make my chalk drawing darker.

I am excited with how it turned out. I sent the image to Costco for printing- you can choose 'do not color correct'- that way I won't have to worry about them 'un-doing' all the work I did in PicMonkey!

When I pick up the print, I will mod podge it to a plain canvas and voila! A photo canvas for about $7 is done! Here is how a past one turned out and directions for adding it to a canvas.

I am sharing more Father's Day ideas on Pinterest here, on my Facebook page here, and on my Instagram account. Be sure to click over and follow along! And Happy Father's Day to all those Dad's out there! You are loved and appreciated more than you know!
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