6 Christmas Games to Play at Home

Before school let out, I got to help plan my daughter's 5th grade Holiday Party. The party included a snack, craft and some fun games. Although the event was for 10 year olds, the activities are perfect for doing at home with your family (young and old!) Planned games and activities are a great way to get your family excited about hanging out together. Fun is good for all ages! Keep reading for 6 Christmas Games to play at home this holiday season.

1. Donut Snowman- Invite everyone to build a snowman. Supplies include powdered sugar donuts, pretzels, candy corn, mini chocolate chips. You could also offer m&ms, licorice and gummy drops. You will be surprised at how many ways there are to make a snowman from these supplies!

2. Make a Human Snowman -Pick one person to be the snowman. The others use their creativity to wrap him/her in toilet paper. Add fun accessories like a hat, construction paper buttons, a scarf, gloves etc. Be sure to snap a pic of the builders next to their creation!

3. Candy Cane Fishing-Put all the candy canes except one into a cup. Tie the remaining candy to a string on a yard stick. Players take turns seeing who can ‘catch’ the most candy canes in 30 seconds. Record stats on board.  (Variations- do this game as a relay race and see which team can catch the most, taking turns, in one minute.)

4. Pin the Nose on the Snowman- Use a kit or make your own. Take turns trying to pin the nose on the snowman while blindfolded.

5. Snowman Photo Booth- Hang a cute photo booth back drop and let everyone have turn getting to be the snowman! Take photos, you are making some sweet memories.

6. Create a an ornament together. Whether it is a pre-made kit or you design your own, this ornament will always remind you of the time you spent together during the holidays.

This cute ornament is from Fireflies & Mudpies. Click here for the tutorial. 

What are your favorite things to do with family during the holidays? Drive around looking at Christmas lights? Baking? Listening to Christmas music? Working on a puzzle together? Playing board games?

Click here for more party games & ideas. 

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