5 Secrets to a Clean Home

Thank you Miele for sponsoring this post. All opinions and photos are my own.

Having a 'picked up' home and a 'clean home' are two different things. Every day, I pick up my home. I am not a neat-freak, I know there is more I could do. But for me, I like dishes in the dishwasher, clothes in the hamper, beds made etc.  I actually have a phobia about 'unmade' beds. (What if I die and then everyone came to my home and saw the beds were unmade?! My legacy would be one of unmade beds. Horrifying!)

And once a week, I do a really deep clean. I scrub counters and sinks, wash the tubs and toilets, dust, and vacuum the entire house. It smells clean, it looks clean, and even the air feels clean.

A 'picked-up home' looks good to company and appears organized. A 'clean home' does everything that a picked-up home does, but it also makes you feel good. Like your family is a little healthier and that makes everyone a little happier.

If you join me on the blog regularly, you know that over the past six months, I have partnered with Miele to share my home experiences about using their vacuum.

You may remember, before the campaign even began, I already owned a Miele vacuum. My husband and I chose to buy it several years ago after a lot of research. (And wow-- that was a job! There are a lot of vacuums on the market!) We had owned a string of popular brand vacuums. And after a year, those other brands always disappointed us by losing suction and breaking down. It's gross to see a vacuum blow dust and allergens all over your home. So, we invested in a Miele and our home has never been cleaner. After almost 6 years, I can proudly say that our Miele vacuum is working just as well as it was the day we took it out of the box.

My blog partnership with Miele just increased my love of the brand and my vacuum. Traveling to New York and learning about this family owned appliance company was an incredible experience. I was shown how much attention and precision goes into the design of the vacuums. I learned about the technology that keeps the dust and dirt sealed inside of the vacuum (as opposed to blowing it around your house!) And I found out that Miele earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval- which is a big deal for any product, especially a vacuum!

Since this is my last Miele, post I thought it would be fun to share with you my top 5 Secrets to a Clean Home with Miele. Because a clean home is not only more beautiful, but it is actually a healthier space for your family.

1. Dust Your Home (with your Vacuum!)- this was a game changer for me. Instead of pushing dust around your house and on the floor, just use the brush attachment and remove that dust from shelves, lamp shade and tables. The vacuum seals the dust inside your Miele vacuum bag.

2. Vacuum Your Mattresses- Who knew?! There are tons of allergens and dander hiding in your mattress. By vacuuming it, you are removing all that from your bed and sealing it into your vacuum. People who suffer from allergies feel better when allergens and dust are removed from their beds.

3. Get Low- Under the beds, couches, and tables are all kinds of dust balls, dirt, and sometimes food. (Yep I have found goldfish, cheerios, m&ms under my couches.) Miele easily gets low to reach those 'things' I don't want lurking around my home.

4. Work those Drapes- My Miele automatically adjusts suction so I can go from cleaning the floor to the drapes, to even my lampshades. Removing dust from those fabrics extends the life of both drapes and lampshades by keeping them looking like new. And since the suction adjusts automatically, I don't have to worry about the vacuum ripping my curtains off the wall.

5. Vacuums Should Remove Messes, Not Make Them- In the past, I owned a bag less vacuum that I hated to empty. I would take the dusty vacuum canister into the garage, so the dust and debris wouldn't fall on the floor inside as I emptied it in the garbage can. It made a cloud of dust all over garage that then had to be swept up. Cleaning up after a vacuum just doesn't make sense.

Thank you to Miele for including me on their PureAir Blog Campaign.
And thank YOU for reading this blog and supporting my partnerships with quality brands like Miele!

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