A Mate for Chesterfield

I spent some time this week looking for a mate for "Chesterfield". He has been a wonderful addition to our family (more on the new couch here). But as you can imagine, going from a really large sectional to just one couch-- has drastically reduced our 'seating'. When we bought Chesterfield, we knew we needed another piece. We just weren't sure what that would be. I moved my striped wingback over to the right side of the couch. But we still need one more piece to put on the left. So this week, I went on the hunt. And let me tell you, Chesterfield is a hard guy to please. He's kind of picky about the company he keeps!

On one hand, I could have purchased another Chesterfield and faced them towards each other like this. But you know, furniture is something that both parties must agree on. And my husband vetoed the idea of two sofas facing each other. Unlike those gorgeous "House Beautiful" pictures on Pinterest ;) he wants the seating to face the television.
Example of two sofas facing each other - found here
Found here
So my other option would be to do an "L-shape". But I don't really like the look of a Chesterfield and another Chesterfield together in an 'L-shape'. Too much fancy arms and tufting in one corner space for my liking.
Example of Chesterfield sofas in "L Shape" - found here
Found here
Then I looked for a mismatched but coordinating sofa to put next to my guy. I was thinking maybe something more modern looking with straight lines. Since Chesterfield is so curvy. I like the look of a good grey linen or tweed fabric.
Great example of 'coordinating' but not 'matching' sofas - found here
Another example of 'mismatched' sofas - found here
But I didn't find really find what I was looking for-- yet. Buying furniture takes a lot visualization and I haven't found anything that looks right in my mind's eye. Searching Houzz and Pinterest probably doesn't help. Most of those aren't 'real family' rooms where kids want to snuggle and watch Doc McStuffins in the mornings. And I want my family room to still feel comfy and 'real' while being pretty at the same time.

Over the weekend, we are going to head back to The Dump. I am thinking that maybe a large leather 'chair and half' with an ottoman might be just the perfect "snuggly yet pretty" piece of furniture we are looking for. A few weeks back, they had several from Restoration Hardware for almost half the original price. Fingers crossed that Chesterfield likes who I bring home to live with him!

I hope you have a great weekend :) Tomorrow is my little one's first soccer game ever (my husband is the coach!!) and World Thinking Day for my other daughter's Brownie Troop (they are representing Austria). The weather is supposed to be fabulous all weekend long. What more could we ask for?! :)

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