The Weekend of a Crafty Girl

The last three days have been pretty great :)  It all started with this hairstyle that I found on Pinterest. I couldn't find a tutorial, just a photo--so I just winged it. Luckily- it worked! I almost didn't have time to pack her lunch for school that day! But the fabulous hair made up for it.
Later that day, I helped with her second grade Valentine party. They exchanged Valentines, made ice cream sundaes and then played bingo. Afton and I led the class in making these cute 'Hershey Kiss Bling Rings'. Afton is a great 'crafting partner' and teacher. I was proud to watch her help her classmates.

 That evening, we picked up Jeff from the airport. My husband had been gone for 5 days in a row and we were ready for him to be home! The girls and I were so happy to see him. Since it was Valentines, we kept it simple with a dinner at Red Robin. (I joked on Instagram-- "Red Robin is for Lovers".) But seriously, it was a fun meal and you can't beat clucks & fries. He and I used to eat there all time when we were dating, so it was actually a good place to celebrate the 'day of love'.

On Saturday morning, Macy's rolled out the red carpet and delivered our Chesterfield. If you have been following along on IG, then you know how badly I wanted this couch. I was surprised when my husband agreed! The price was right for him-- and the style was perfect for me.

Here is a before/ after of the room. I am still on the hunt for a 'chair and a half' plus an ottoman. But for now, I am in heaven with my Chesterfield.

We decided to sell our sectional on Craigslist. This is the ad Afton wrote for me :) I used most of it-- and that big couch sold exactly one hour after I made the post.

On Sunday, I put on my best "Hometalk" apron and headed up to Michael's for the Pinterest Party. The store manager had a goal of 10 people attending and we ended up with 20! I really enjoyed getting to know several Michael's employees including the fabulous "Sam" who was my partner in crafting.

And Jo Pearson, who you might remember from "Craft Wars".

Most attendees wanted to make the "Burlap Monogram Art" like the one I did for Maisy's room (here).

It was fun to see the different ways people made this project 'their own'. We had lots of 'grown up' crafters participate in store or take materials home. And we even had sweet little crafters too!

All in all, it was a great "Crafty Texas Girls" weekend. I feel so blessed that I get to share my passion for crafting with others thanks to this blog. Happy Monday my friends! 

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