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Last Wednesday, I boarded a plane and headed out on an adventure with 7 other bloggers. We had been invited by Miele to visit their New Jersey office to learn about their newest vacuums and have a little fun in New York City along the way. Since we had bought a Miele vacuum a few years ago, I can honestly say our house has never been cleaner. So taking a trip, to learn more about a product I already love all in the name of blogging was kind of amazing.
Aren't these the cutest cookies ever?! I tried to 'save' them, but you can guess how that ended :) 
Our group of "Pure Air Bloggers" got to know each other the first night over dinner at Eno Terra. It was farm-to-table fresh food and delicous wine. Swapping stories with other bloggers is always fun. Lots of picture taking and hash-tagging with the group :)

The next morning, we toured the Miele office. Much to my surprise (and delight!), Miele has an entire line of home appliances. Everything from dishwashers to coffee makers, steam ovens to cook-tops. Miele makes high quality products and stands out from the crowd with exceptional customer service.

Breakfast Frittata cooked in a 'steam oven' by Miele. That's right- a steam oven. Amazing! 
Best coffee ever :) 
 See these beauties? They will last 20 years. Yep, that's why we bought one ourselves back in 2010. We were tired of replacing vacuums and having dirt/dust blown all over our house. Plus, check out the design. Who doesn't love a beautiful appliance?

After a morning of learning at Miele, we headed into Princeton for a tour by the infamous Mimi. If you are ever in Princeton, look this lady up! She was hilarious and knew all the 'dish' about the rich, famous, and brilliant minds of this ivy league town. I texted my husband while we were out with Mimi and said, "I want to live here!". The academic environment of the school is embraced by the entire town. Theater, science, art and more seeps from every square inch of the community. The public library even has a 'sound proof' children's wing so that the little ones of Princeton are never 'shusshed' during their pursuit of learning. 

That's Mimi-- the smiley blond in the light blue pull-over. 
Can you imagine going to class here?! When can I start? :) 
Albert Einstein's house 
After our tour, we headed back to Miele for a gourmet cooking class. We worked together to make homemade pizzas in the fabulous Miele kitchen. Best way to get know someone? Make a pizza with them! Here we are with the President of Miele USA, Nick Ord. 

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This girl--lives right down the street from me! We didn't even realize it til this trip. Yay for new friends :) 
Aimee Lane from It's Overflowing, Nick Ord- President of Miele USA, and Me
The last day of our trip, we headed into the city. I have never, ever been to New York City. So this was SO exciting!

We were invited to the Hearst Tower for brunch in the Good Housekeeping dining room, where almost all the US Presidents and the First Ladies have eaten. 

China of course :)

Then we toured the Good Housekeeping Research labs. I didn't know much about Good Housekeeping, other than I looked through the magazine. But I found out that if any product that bears the Seal proves to be defective within two years from the date it was first sold to a consumer by an authorized retailer, then Good Housekeeping will replace or repair the product or refund the purchase price! So basically, they do the research on everything from appliances, recipes, beauty products, towels, bedsheets etc. and then they pass along their findings to you. That Seal is a guarantee of quality.

You'll see this recipe in an upcoming issue of the magazine, it's a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake covered in Reese's Puffs!
Testing room- ovens, mixers, coffee makers are all put to the test. 

After the tour, we had 2 hours to see the City. So we squeezed it all in! A walk through Central Park. 

A true New York slice. Cannoli from a bakery. Times Square. 

And then a wild train ride back to the airport!
image via It's Overflowing on IG
It was once in life-time trip, I mean who would have thought a little blog about crafts could ever take me across the country?! I am humbled and astounded. Thank you to Miele for believing in the writing of 'mom-bloggers' and thank you to YOU the readers for being here! 

When I got home, my daughter told me "Dad did everything just as good as you, except homework and hair. He wasn't very good at hair." Lol. I am so grateful to them for holding down the house and supporting my writing and crafting. Being away from home, made me love our sweet, simple suburban life even more. 
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  1. It was such a fun time Samantha!!! And now I'm waiting by my door for my new Miele vacuum!!! Can't wait to clean clean clean!!! Glad you're down the street -- we need to play together local since we've already done NYC together!!! XO, Aimee

  2. Looks like you had fun! Isn't NYC exciting!! I love visiting but don't know if I could live there:)

  3. How neat that you got to do this! I bet y'all had a fantastic time! I loved seeing the behind the scenes pics of Good Housekeeping too. :) You're right...those vacuums are very pretty!!


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