Craft It: Make a Bow for a Wreath

It's that time of year again-- fall is almost here and that seems to bring about wreath making.

My stepmom put together this cute sunflower wreath using silk flowers and a grapevine wreath. She asked me to help her with the bow. And if there is one thing I know, it's how to make a good bow :) I love the ribbon she chose, yellow chevron burlap from Hobby Lobby. And since I was making her bow, I thought I would share my 'secret bow making skills' with you too!

Want to make a bow for your wreath? Here's what you will need:
-1 spool of ribbon (it took me about 3 yards of ribbon to make 1 bow.)
-Needle and thread (or you can use hot glue)

First cut two long strips of ribbon, 40 inches.

Then make a double loop.

Repeat the same with the second long piece of ribbon.

Stack the looped ribbon on top of each other. One is 'upside down'.

Stitch the middle with to secure. Then pinch and gather the middle. Wrap the thread several times, sewing through the back of the pinch. Tie off your thread.

To make the tails of the bow. Cut two strips, each 12 inches long.

Sew these to the back of bow with a few stitches.

Finally, cut a small strip about 6 inches long and wrap that around the middle of the bow. Then sew the back of this into place.

*Note- You can complete this bow with hot glue and skip the 'hand sewing'. Since this is an outdoor wreath and our weather right now is about 100+ degrees, I was worried about the hot glue releasing. So I decided to play it safe and use a needle and thread.

This is my stepmom's wreath- all complete! I just had to try-out it on my door to see how the bow looked :) 
And there you have it! A full bow, perfect for wreaths or any of your fall decor crafts. And now you know, the secret to a really beautiful bow is that it is not actually tied :)

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