DIY "Cookies for Santa Plate"

It's time for another MOPS craft! You may remember that I am the 'crafty gal' for my church MOPS group. I get to plan crafts for 50+ sweet moms. (Which is right up my alley!) This month, I wanted to do something Christmas related since we will be making this craft at our December meeting. We all have little kids, so I thought a "Cookies for Santa" plate would be perfect. The easiest way to decorate a white plate has got to be with a Sharpie. You simply draw and then bake to set. 

Before the meeting, I wanted to make a cute example to inspire our group. So I searched the web for inspiration. I was looking for photos of cute "Cookies for Santa"plates. I found lots of things that I loved.  Even though some of these are done with color- the design, lettering, or images could easily be replicated in Sharpie. With all of those cute ideas in my head, I was ready to make my own "Cookies for Santa" plate. 

My favorite look was #8. I love that simple tree with ornaments from West Elm. So using my black Sharpie, I drew a tree. Then with a gold Sharpie, I added the gold star and ornaments. I finished it with some simple lettering at the bottom.

Now, let's talk about using Sharpies on plates. You may have seen tutorials about dressing up any plate or mug with a Sharpie. You may have read the post I wrote about Sharpie Plates last year {HERE}. But the most important thing to know about using Sharpies on plates etc is that you MUST use an industrial, oil based Sharpie. Otherwise-- it will rub off.

You must use the INDUSTRIAL 'PRO' SHARPIES- they are oil based and won't wipe off. 
Once I was happy with the look of my plate, I simply baked it for 30 minutes at 425 degrees in the oven. I will always hand wash this plate, but since I used the oil based Sharpies, my ink is now set!

Today I am off to the MOPS meeting to share this craft with the group. I will come back to this post later and update it with a few photos from the meeting. I can't wait to see what those creative mommas come up with!

Have you ever tried making a Sharpie plate?

PS- I got my plates for the project at the Dollar Tree {HERE} and I found the Industrial 'PRO' Sharpies at Staples {HERE}

UPDATE: Our MOPS meeting was a blast. I loved seeing the creativity in this group of 50 women. Here are a few photos of the 'Cookies for Santa' plates they made. These would also be cute gifts for delivering homemade treats to neighbors and teachers. 

A note about food safety and ink: 
We did ours with Sharpie-- which is not recommended to be used on mugs or cups where your mouth will come in contact directly with the ink. (If you are decorating a mug, put the decor an inch below the rim so your mouth won't touch the ink) 

However if it is for display/decorative uses- you can use it on plates and mugs etc. as much as you want. 

When I put treats on my plate I will use wax paper or plastic wrap between the treat and the 'inked' part of the plate. (For our Santa cookies- I won't bother since those cookies will be thrown away and not actually eaten!) 

If you are worried about ink and food- I would only recommend decorating the edge of the plate. 

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