Playroom Part 4: Silhouettes

 I have been wanting to make silhouettes of my girls.

Found here

Found here

Found here
Found here. You know this room!
And silhouettes seem to go perfectly with my new playroom design scheme. Black and white. Fabulous!

Now I know people have been making silhouettes forever. But whenever I googled the process, it  involved using photoshop (which I do not have).  And how do you get a 16 month old to hold-still long enough to make it the 'old fashioned' way???

Found here

So I just decided to do it the way it made sense to me. There are probably more efficient ways. But this worked for us. Here is what you will need:
-black card stock
-a pencil

 I had my girls sit still (turn on the tv to help!) and took a photo of their profile. Having a window or light source behind them seemed to help illuminate their little faces.

Then I inserted the photos into a Word document and made each picture big enough to fill an 8.5 x11 document.

Next I printed out the enlarged photos.
Then cut out each face.

And then I traced them on black card stock and cut those out.

To show off them off, I decided to place them on a newspaper covered background, like the pic above from Jones Design Company. So I used mod podge to adhere the newsprint to a piece of cardboard. And then I used mod podge again to attach the silhouettes.

And here is the finished framed project! But now I am thinking they may need bows.

There we go! Now they are finished!

Are you ready to see the finished room?  Promise I will show you on Wednesday.

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:) Samantha

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