Playroom Part 3:Painted Wallpaper

Once I had the newsprint dress and lamp done, I looked around my playroom and wondered, "What next?" Then I saw this amazing room at Jones Design Company.

 Are you in awe? Me too? Tan, black and white. Feminine, but not too girly. How could I incorporate this into my Ballard inspiration?

The walls, it's got to be the painted wallpaper.

And I wondered, could I do painted wallpaper? Well, I looked again at my playroom and decided that one wall "might" be do-able.  Look at the wall where the tv sits...

I knew my hubby would probably think I was crazy, so as you know, I waited until he went out of town. And I spent 7 hours working on the wall. If you don't like to sit still at night, this is the project for you!

First you hand draw (using the pattern I found here) all over your walls. You should probably use a level or measure or at least start at the top of the walls and work down. I did none of this. Like I mentioned before- nap time doesn't last long and I do have to sleep at night! Then use a thin paint brush and hope your hand is steady.

It is a lot of work, but it is turns out beautiful. And I didn't even get anywhere near "Jones Desgin Company" standards. But I love it- imperfections and all! Adds so much visual interest to the room.

And the best part about painted wallpaper is, to 'remove it',  just paint over it!
But I will not be doing that anytime soon. Right now I'm kinda proud of myself for being so risky:)


  1. Wow, I can't believe you painted all of that free-handed! It looks beautiful. You've inspired me :).

  2. it looks just fabulous! I love all your sneaking around too :-)

    I've been wanting to try this in my own house. Maybe I should take the risk too!

  3. Looks great! I'm working on that exact project. It's seriously time consuming but worth it.



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