"Ballard Inspired" Playroom Part 1: Pillows

While browsing through the Ballard catalog last month, I spied this...

And it got me thinking about my playroom upstairs.

Like the mess? I decided to show you the room in it's worst state!

Even though it is a room "just for the girls to play in", I do spend a lot of time there. So why not make it a space that I enjoy looking at?

I wanted the decor of the room to be inviting and coordinate with the color scheme downstairs. And when I saw this Ballard room, I knew it was the inspiration I had been looking for. Black, white, tan. And this dress- so feminine- perfect for our girls' playroom.

So where to start first?

Pillows. These pillows came with the couch. Probably not a good sign. But they are perfect for recovering. I looked again at the Ballard picture- patchwork, black and white.

So off to JoAnn's. I sewed the fabric together using a zig-zag stitch. (My favorite stitch.)

 The backs are different than the fronts...
 Before and After. 

And then I found this cute bird pillow at Home Goods- only $20!

Next up, the walls. Stay tuned :)

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