Valentine's Jewelry

Hoping for jewelry on Valentine's Day? Why not make your own?!

I saw this idea over at "One Charming Party". She actually used real gumballs to make this sweet necklace. But I decided real candy wouldn't last long with my girl :)

So we went shopping and bought some wooden beads and ribbon. (Happily they were half off!)

Then I cut off a length of ribbon. To make a necklace like the candy one above, the ribbon needs to be longer than you think you will need in order to tie knots in between each bead. So cut if off as if you are making a necklace that will reach the top of your pants.

Finally string on the beads, one by one, making sure to alternate beads and knots. I added a bow to Afton's when we finished.

My necklace was even easier, no knots. Just string the beads on! 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Your necklaces are so cute and fun! Cute pictures ;)


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